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Dec. 16: Randy Thomas


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From DButz65

Do you realize how big this game is this coming Sunday for the Redskins, and the Redskins fans everywhere? Words cannot express it! Let all of the guys know we believe! Tell the team,this game means more to us than any other. Please win it for us.

Randy Thomas

Hey man, like once before this year, we went into Dallas and we believed, and never stopped until the last whistle blew. This week, we believe also. But this time we want to jump on ‘em early.

From themurf

With the game on the line last weekend, on 3rd and 6 at the 50-yard line with less than two minutes to go, Portis gets the ball and runs into the pile. Just when it looks like he's going to be stopped short, you and Jon Jansen come flying in and knock the pile forward for the game-winning first down. Please talk to us about the difference in the offensive line from last year to this year, and tell us why you guys like blocking for running plays so much more than passing plays.

Thanks and keep up the great work.

Randy Thomas

Well, first of all, Buges is instilling in us to be physical, first things first. Running the ball. Also, with Jon Jansen back, it’s the key to our O-Line. He’s playing well. Late in the year, you’ve gotta be able to run the ball and get first downs, and on that last drive we did.

From Blade

Which of the Dallas front seven has been looking the best on film this week? Thanks, and good luck!

Randy Thomas

Well, you know what? They rotate to keep ‘em fresh. Jason Ferguson and Leroi Glover, they’ve been playing well all year. You’ve got Spears and a couple of young guys that play well. Ellis is leading the team in sacks. They’ve got a good rotation going; they’ve got veteran guys who can step in and lead those young guys. Also, you’ve got that linebacker Ware from the outside, who is doing well on the rush too. We’ve got our hands full.

From Jrockster77

Early in the year we seemed to be having a lot of success running quick slants to Santana -- but they have all but disappeared. Why is this? Are you still practicing them? What's the deal? It’s the perfect way to get the ball to Santana with room to run. The last one I remember seeing (and I had to think hard) was against Philly, and he took a monster shot from Michael Lewis....is Gibbs' protecting Moss?

Randy Thomas

I’ll tell you one thing. If someone has a receiver like Santana Moss, they’re going to change everything up to try and stop him. They probably drop into a lot of coverages to keep those slants from going so far inside, making big plays. That’s called game planning. People watch our film. They figure out ways to stop Santana, and it just opens up for more for Clinton.

From qcraftsman

Randy, what are your pre-game rituals before the game? Are you the type of guy that gets all fired up, or do you lay low?

Randy Thomas

I never heard of that word ‘lay low’. I am a fiery guy. But only in the locker room before the game. Never in the street, you know, and never at home. [but] I think there’s a time to get fired up and take the opponent like he’s talking about my momma or somebody … I really get fired up about it.

From Monkart

The "O" line and Clinton seem to be in sync lately, and it's great to watch. My question is, what is your favorite run play?

Randy Thomas

It’s got to be when I pull out in space like a running back. I like to see my small self get out there (laughs) and make those big blocks. It’s got to be the toss play with Clinton.

From ntotoro

Do you have a list of reviews up for the restaurants you and Renaldo hit? How about a schedule for future reviews? Good luck, guys and two words: Beat Dallas!

Randy Thomas

This past week we went to The Original Steakhouse -- it’s great for a sports atmosphere. Man, the appetizers are awesome. This past weekend we went to The Alpine for some Italian – you know, switch it up a little bit. We go to a lot of restaurants; I can’t name them all …

From goaldeje & Huly

OK, for the most important question of all: gas, charcoal or bonfire?

Randy Thomas

Charcoal. Regular old charcoal.

From goaldeje

How is Joe Bugel different from other coaches you have worked with in the past? What about his style do you like, dislike, etc.?

Randy Thomas

Joe Bugel doesn’t treat anybody differently. He doesn’t play favorites. I think he’s a motivator; he gets you going regardless of the situation. He makes you be the best you can be, and believe me, he’s getting it out of all of us.

From Skinsfan20

Randy, great job this year. I hope you make it to Hawaii because you deserve it! I was wondering with the passing game not at the top of its game, and Santana and Cooley the main targets, how come you guys don't run screens to Portis?

Randy Thomas

I love that guy. Something about that Hawaii thing …

You know, with the play calling, I don’t get involved with that. All I try to do is run my plays and do my job. But why run a screen with Clinton when you can just run the ball with him, you know what I mean? Let them worry about Cooley and Santana and all those guys. And we have Thrash back this week, so he’s going to be in the mix, too.

From AtlSkins

Randy, I'm wondering if you've spoken to Laveranues Coles since he left, and if so, how does he feel about the fact that what he wanted, a long game, is something we are doing a lot of?

Randy Thomas

No, I haven’t. I wish him well, but he’s not a Skin.

From Santanamoss89

Rock Cartwright said after his 100 yd game against St. Louis that he was going to buy the O-line dinner. So my question is: Did he buy you dinner? Or did the amount it would cost to feed you scare him away?

Randy Thomas

Scared him away. Exactly. For a young guy like that, I wouldn’t even put him in that position, because it would really cost a lot of money.

From Bubba9497

Do you ever have "conversations" with DL in the trenches... and if so, any memorable stories? I've heard you're the Skins BBQ master chef, what's your specialty? You should get a trip to Hawaii this year, keep up the great work. Thanks again.

Randy Thomas

I like that guy. He’s talking about food AND Hawaii. I’m not a guy who talks and gets burned out during the game, but before the game I do. But when it’s time to hit a guy, I just stay humble and do my job. As far as the barbecue thing, I can hold my own. I’ll challenge anyone in cooking ribs. I can basically smoke or barbecue anything you want. I’m just that type of guy.

From Ejay 183

First off I would like to say you have always been a favorite of mine. I would like to know if it is harder to go up against the 3-4 or the 4-3? Thanks, and beat those Cowboys.

Randy Thomas

Is this the brother my momma didn’t tell me about? (Mirth)

We’re looking forward to beating Dallas. We’ve really worked hard this week preparing. And I think in our minds, beating them the first time got us on a streak, so we’re going to try to get our own streak going.

From ImmortalDragon

Hey Randy, are you familiar with Madden ‘06 and its rating system? How do you feel about how they rated you?

Overall 92

Speed 57

Acceleration 80

Strength 91

Agility 54

Awareness 85

Run Block 87

Pass Block 97

Randy Thomas

So overall I’m a 92 out of 100? What’s the salary I should get paid on there? (More mirth) And that speed? Man, that’s got me … I’m like Star Jones or somebody playing football. You know what I mean?

From cfujskins

Hi Randy! First and foremost, I would like to thank you for all your hard work and opening those holes for our backs. Now for my question: IT'S DALLAS WEEK and we are all excited. I just wanted to know, during Dallas week, is there a change of pace during the week? Is it, perhaps, more intense and exciting than the other weeks?

Randy Thomas

Of course, man. I mean, we’re down toward the end of the season, and we’re in position to do things. If it was Dallas or New York or whoever we had to play this week, [we’d be] really focused, and trying to prepare. But luckily, it’s Dallas week, and that adds a little fire to it.

From AJWatson3

How many crabs can you eat in one meal? Do you ruin your appetite with hushpuppies and cornbread?

Randy Thomas

How many crabs? Are these with the meat already pulled out of them, or what? Well … seeing as how I can eat about a pound of cornbread, that’s probably about 7 pounds of crabs. Good King Alaskan crabs. I probably won’t even touch the hushpuppies, because I’m getting that expensive meat.

From SonnyRules

Randy, "one of the beloved Dirtbags" … what is the major difference between the running blocking schemes you utilized with the Jets and those that you use here?

Randy Thomas

With Jon and Rabach and Dock and Chris, it’s probably one of the better lines I’ve been around. Not taking anything away from the guys up north, but this line is more together…we feed off each other, and kind of complement each other on each side of the ball.

From Skin_finatic

Lets keep it simple Randy, how do you like playing in Washington compared to New York, and how is the chemistry with the offensive line going?

Randy Thomas

You know what, when I was first drafted by New York, I didn’t think that New York was the place for a family. And I like space in my life. It just happened that things fell in place and I got an opportunity to leave and go somewhere. Washington was my first visit, and I fell in love with it, and that was it. New York did have great restaurants that I miss, like badly, but I had to move on and find new ones. And I found some.

From ES Staff

Do you have a closing statement for the fans?

Randy Thomas

Hey, we’re just getting ready to go out and play the Dallas Cowboys. Bring your lunchboxes. It’s going to be one of those great days.
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