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McCants representing skins in an all burgundy suit..


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I was watching the local news and they interviewed Darnerian McCants outside of Jay Z's new club. He is/was in Atlantic City along with other various TO's teammates for the big Birthday bash for Owens. And it was great to see eventhough he is on a different team, that he still represents the skins in a way by wearing an all burgundy suit! :cheers:

I liked him too bad he is an iggle now, we sure could use him :(

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....also if I recall correctly...he and Me-I (aka the answer...aka A.I.) shared the same philosphy on the week leading up to the games...


I think that was one of the keys to Mr.McCants earning himself a ticket out of town.

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Me-I? What the hell? I see what you were trying to do there, even if the label doesn't fit Iverson, but you can do better than "Me-I".

cut the jokes...

Me-I is just as selfish as any other current or former Eagle player. And no i cant do better..... ME and I....perfect for the most selfish player in the NBA.

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