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Are these good seats??


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Seat 15 and 16

You will be in the stadium......

All I can say to you is if you buy the seats expect the worst. Which is a low overhang will keep you from seeing high passes and kicks. There is a distinct possibility of a large pillar that will obstruct 20% of your field view. (Maybe even an end zone)

If you need to be at this game might I suggest stubhub? Look at it this way. $170 buys you a seat in the upper level. You will get to enjoy the game. It will cost you about $130 more to go this route. Something tells me the aggrivation of sitting with a pillar in front of you will have you begging for the upper level.

You can also try classified on this site.

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You can see the view from the section on the skins website. Also, just call the stadium and ask. They have always been very nice to me whenever I have had questions over the years and might know how obstructed they are, if they are.

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You called the Redskins ticket office, and they told you there are seats available in Section 215, Row 19, with an obstructed view. So now you ask us if the view is obstructed?

Yes, the view is obstructed. That's why they're described as obstructed view. That's why they are only $49 each.

The pillars sit in Rows 13 and 14, in the center of the section. You're in Row 19. The tickets have "Obstructed View" printed on the face of them.

You do the math.

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