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Sorry to hear you are under the weather.

Remember the Redskins. They win ugly. But, all that matters to me is the win. Every game, an element of the team plays well, while others are not on their game. Today, in my opinion, the secondary shined.

Interceptions and fumbles: we had a few. But, we managed to take a few for ourselves. What we failed to do was score big on these opportunities. When you have more than three turnovers in your favor, you should have scored more than 3 points. So...we have a way to go with our offensive schemes. We need to break away from the defender more than an arm length, and, by the grace of God, Brunell's vision must be sharper, broader. I cannot recall where I heard that Quarterbacks need to use their feet in deciding who will receive the pass as the protection is breaking down around you. Two steps on the fade for the #1 Receiver, the next two steps to seek out your #2, and after that, look for the checkdown. It just makes sense to me, and simplifies decisions made on the fly.

Get well soon.

Hail Redskins!

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