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Redskins in the playoffs? Actually they started last week.


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Forgive me if this has already been said, but we all know the Redskins started the playoffs last week against the Rams. The disadvantage for us is that we have to win 8 rounds to reach the Super Bowl. This maybe a another stupid playoff thread(and if it is mods go ahead and delete it)but I thought it is something I should say.

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We could make the playoffs at 9-7 if the final loss is against Arizona, the Giants finish no better then 1-3 and the Cowboys finish no better then 2-2, or if the one loss is against a team other then New York and then the Giants and Cowboys lose out,


We could clinch a wild card spotat 9-7 if Atlanta finishes no better then 2-2, Minnesota finishes no better then 2-2, we either beat Dallas or finish with a better confrence record then them and Dallas finishes no better then 2-2, then we can take the wild card.

In other words, it's possible but not very likely we make the playoffs at 9-7, and we'd have to rely on alot of other things to happen. On the other hand, if we win out, we'll probably be fine due to our strong divisional and Conference records, and would have a good shot at being the NFC East Champion- and our chances of actually doing anything in the playoffs are far greater if we can play the first game at home.

All 4 of the final games should be winnable though, so hopefully we will be able to do that.

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Redskins: @Ariz, Dal, NYG, @Phi

Falcons: NO, @Chi, @TB, Carolina

Dallas: KC, @Was, @Carolina, STL

Minny: STL, Pitt, @Bal, Chi

We can realistically win 3, possibly all 4.

Falcons have 3 straight tough games to finish the season.

Dallas' next 3 games are tough, and even STL isn't a gimme.

Minny has 2 tough games, Pitt and Chi, and STL is always dangerous.

It wouldn't be unrealistic for these teams to go 2-2 or 1-3.

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Yes, assuming Giants win the NFC East, Redskins could drop a game and still make the 6th seed in the NFC with a 9-7 record. That's because we hold the tie breaker against everybody except the Bucs. The fly in the ointment is the Vikes, who could finish 10-6 and spoil everything. I don't see the Falcons or Cowboys finishing 10-6, but the Vikes might.

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I wouldn't be hanging my hat the Dallas will knock off KC.

1st, Dallas will be the home team.

2nd, KC will be on their 2nd straight road game (at NYG the week before)

3rd- both of these games are played in Dec

4th- both games played against physical NFC East teams

Dallas has the advantage going into the game in my opinion.

But here's hoping KC can pull out both games for us.

Go KC- Win one for your Native American brothers!

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