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Just a player or two from returning to glory


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I think the biggest thing that has been lost with the recent defeats is the good news that with a pound it up the middle running back, dependable tight end, and a healthy secondary along with one more good wide out receiver from being on top with this team.

As I stated in my last thread, we as fans, need to start looking at what we are almost about to be, versus what we have at this time.

The game against San Diego was a perfect example. What if Royal had made the catches he dropped? What if we had a power running back and made those 3rd and short plays.

The same can be said about the wide out position. One more, and the opposing secondary would have been pounded. We are only a couple of key players from being a force in this league. I would hope that Royal can get his act together, and be dominating tight end that we could count on in third and short situations.

Let's get our thoughts on what this team can be, and from what I have seen, we can be as good as the best in this league. While Brunell has received much criticism lately, he hasn't been helped by the guys dropping so many passes.

We have been just a play or two in the losses from having a 10-1 record. We must realize we aren't the only team losing in close games as well. It has become the norm now.

The coaching staff needs to gamble a little more as well. With the heart breaking losses that have haunted us now for three weeks, we only needed a few play gambles to have been on the winning side of those games.

So here it is, a couple of dependable receivers, a big fullback, and some gut calls on 4th and short, and we would be winning this division this year.

We are so close, but either a few players step up their game, or we cut them, and look for someone who can make a play when we need it. I know Gibbs realizes this, and no one is better at finding the help we need than him. He will be here for his five year stretch, so those of you who have lost faith in him may as well jump off our bandwagon, and get on someone elses. Cause we are going to be in a Superbowl before he retires, and anyone willing to gamble that he won't, better pick up an NFL history book.

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:applause: EXACTLY i agree about 95% because i think everything you said is true but also believe we may already have those players in place...i think nehemiah broughton is that fullback that can pound it in there and i think taylor jacobs may be that second receiver although im not quite sold and would look for someone else in the offseason......im not sure about robert royal but up until his abomination of a game the other week i was pretty happy with him...hes had some td catches in the last couple years and seemed to have decent hands and was a good blocker i think the spot we need most is just a pass rushing d-end to compliment salave'a griffin

i still dont know what happened to manuel white from UCLA did he have like a season ending injury or something i thought i heard that once but i cant remember because i thought he was suppose to be the big short yardage back????

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