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Dec. 2: Chris Cooley


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The laid back Mr. Cooley. :).

From Major Harris


It has been reported that Bill Parcells told you prior to the draft that you were not starter-level player in the NFL. Whether he really said that or not, it is obvious that a lot of teams undervalued your ability and what you bring to the table. How much do you use that as motivation, if at all?

Chris Cooley

I always thought that I was good enough to play in the NFL. It was just kind of a joke to me that Coach Parcells didn’t think that I could play. I was kind of surprised. Really, I don’t use it too much, it’s just always there. I just always thought ‘what the hell?’


Chris, I'll keep it simple: How good do you think you can be?

It's great to have a homegrown, fan favorite on the squad. Keep up the fine play.

Chris Cooley

I think I’ve been improving. I think I can be the kind of guy that catches 80 balls a year. My average has been up. I think I have numbers like all the better tight ends right now. I’m averaging about 12 a catch. I think I can get that up to about 14 next year and average about 80 catches every year.

From fdarugar


You are quickly becoming one of the most popular Skins and hopefully you will be here for many years to come. Which takes me to my question...what do you think is the most glaring weakness on this team and how do you think we will go by fixing it during the off-season?


Fred from Vienna, Va

Chris Cooley

By far I think the most glaring weakness is that we can’t finish a game. I think that just comes from a team being together and playing together. I think we’re close. I think we just have to stay together, stick together, work hard in the off-season, and finish games.

From Hollywood2k3

Wassup Chris, I'm a huge fan man

I wanted to know if there is anybody getting the team fired up in the huddle when the offense isn't doing so well, or on a drive where the QB is getting pressured almost every play. Is there anyone getting vocal about people stepping their game up in tough situations???

Chris Cooley

I think all the guys do. We all respect each other. We all have something to say. We all talk and try to pump each other up. Randy Thomas is big in the huddle. Brunell’s always there. Santana. But all the guys really.

From SkinsTillIDie

Mr. Cooley,

Despite making numerous magnificent plays for our offense thus far, you seem to be fumbling and dropping the ball more than you have done at any other point in your career. Why do you think that is, and what are you doing to correct this problem? Are you sleeping with the football in your arms like Portis has in the past?

Chris Cooley

I had a fumble and a drop vs. the Giants, and I had a fumble vs. the Eagles. That’s 2 more fumbles than I had last year. I think I’ve been catching the ball pretty well though. There’s a couple tough catches, but I haven’t dropped anything blatant.

From TK

Chris, at the Meadowlands you took a hit that actually took you off the field. Can you take us through what goes through a players mind in a situation like that?

Chris Cooley

%$&! that hurts….I don’t know (laughs). That’s how it is. It hurt!

From flexxskins


you have obviously had many great and productive games as a Redskin. But, can you remember a game in either 2004 or this season in which you had the most fun? A game that while you were on the field you were in a zone and you felt as though no one could stop you? Thank you sir.

Chris Cooley

Hmm. The most fun? The 49ers I think. I don’t think I had a huge game, but I think definitely when we’re scoring points and easily winning the game, it’s a blast. It’s awesome out there. When the other team kind of quits and we keep going, that’s when it’s the most fun.

From EersSkins05

Wassup Chris. I got a few chuckles when I picked you in my fantasy draft this year, but you are currently ranked 5th in the league in fantasy points for tight ends (H-backs operate as TE's in fantasy), ahead of such big names as Tony Gonzalez, Todd Heap, and Jason Witten. Do NFL players talk about their status as fantasy players? Or are they still primarily concerned with what your rating is on Madden? :D

Great having you on the Skins.

Chris Cooley

(laughs) I had a fantasy team last year, I’d had it through college. Then this year, it didn’t really matter to me very much. So I’m not too concerned with my fantasy status. I will look at my Madden rating every year though, I think that’s more important to me.

From SkinsXL


You are one of the bright spots of this team and I admire your competitiveness, toughness, and the fact that you are an all around team player. With that said, what do you make of the Terrell Owens situation? Would you ever want him on a team that you play for?

Pass it on to the team that we as fans desperately want you guys to succeed and make a great playoff push. We know you guys have it in you.

Hail to the Redskins!!!

Chris Cooley

It makes everything really tough when you have a guy that doesn’t seem to want to fit in with the team. It makes little things stand out more. Anytime someone does something wrong it stands out more. It’s tough to say though, because you always want to have great players.

From skinzftball1756

Mr. Cooley,

Hey my name is Josh, I am a 14 year old from NC. I got a question. Do you like being the H-back where at times you are lined up and tight end, full back, and even a slot receiver or would u rather just straight play tight end or full back. Thanks for your time. You are my hero. CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH!!!!!!! :wish: :eaglesuck :giantsuck :dallasuck

Chris Cooley

I like playing H-back. I think it fits me really well. I’m not really the fastest guy on the field all the time, so when I can get moving around, it gives me an advantage. That helps me out a ton. It’s more work, because you’re shifting and moving all over. It’s more to think about and more running, but I do like it. I think it’s an advantage for me.

From flexxskins


I am curious as to how you felt when you first began running plays for a "Hall Of Fame" coach in Joe Gibbs? Did you find yourself intimidated, eager to please or did he make you feel comfortable? Thank you sir.

Chris Cooley

All our coaches made us feel comfortable. I was excited to play for anybody. I was excited to be part of a team. I think we have great coaches. They make you feel good about where you are.

From jnova

What do you think is the biggest difference from getting a pass from Patrick Ramsey vs. Mark Brunell? Which do you prefer?

Chris Cooley

I would say the biggest difference is Patrick will throw a harder ball when you’re closer to him. When you’re inside 5 or 10 yards, he’ll throw the ball a little harder to you. I don’t notice, people talk about a left-handed spin or something, I notice nothing like that.

From Robbie D

Hey Chris,

It's Robert D from good old Logan High. Just wanted to tell you congrats on all your success and hope it continues for you in the future. Although I'm busy with school and work, I try to watch as many of your games as possible. Did you ever think that you would be playing in the NFL after growing up in a small town like Logan? Do you miss baseball at all? The last question is will you be doing your famous end zone dance anytime soon (you know which one I'm talking about). Hope to see you down the road sometime.



Chris Cooley

(laughs) Umm….I always thought that I could play in the NFL. I always wanted to. It was always a dream for me. I didn’t think it mattered where I came from. I think everyone on the team comes from a small town or some kind of weird background. So I always thought I could make it. I think the end zone dance would be too much of a fine. I probably won’t be having that one.

From skin finatic

Hey Mr. Cooley,

Besides you and Santana, there hasn't been much productivity in the receiving game. We all hear that Taylor Jacobs is an excellent practice player, but has yet to really show it on the field. When do you think Taylor can get in the thick of things and start being a great receiver on the game day field?

Chris Cooley

Playing time, and he’s getting that right now. He made huge strides from the first game he started to this last game he just played. I think he just needs to get out on the field and play. I mean he’s been here 3 years and hasn’t played a ton, especially in the 2nd receiver spot, so I think the more work he gets the better he’ll be. I think that’s true for everybody.

From englitdaudelin


What part of the work week do you find the most challenging? Enjoyable? Dull? Can you talk a little about why?

Chris Cooley

I think … I hate work. I like Sunday. I don’t think – I mean we try to come and we try to have fun – but it’s tough to come play every day, out in the cold now. I mean, we come and work as hard as we can and get through stuff because we all love to play on Sunday.

From goaldeje

Chris, tell us the truth... the toughest safety you go up against is Sean Taylor in practice, right?

Chris Cooley

I think so. I mean I don’t think it’s bad that I say that he’s the best safety. I think he’s a great safety. I mean, he proves it every week when we play a great tight end. We put him over and he just shuts them down. He shut down Gates. He shut down Shockey. I think he’s the best safety.

From Art

Gas, or charcoal?

Chris Cooley

(laughs) I have propane, but I don’t even know the difference. Propane’s easier I think. Maybe?

Closing Statement by Chris Cooley

I think that the fans have been amazing to me here. The fans are amazing to our team. Everyone appreciates it. It makes what we do fun. It’s why we can do what we do.
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