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Well, what a day, what a tough loss. I bleed burgundy and gold, but for the next few hours my blood will be green and gold as my hometown Edmonton Eskimos will be facing off against the Montreal Allouettes in the Grey Cup. I don't know if any of you like the Canadian brand of football, but it is very entertaining and this game is gonna be great. GM Place in Vancouver is packed to the hilt, if anyone even gets the game on their satellite I highly reccomend watching it. Party on the Pacific.


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Do your Eskimos get as much grief for being named after native peoples as the Redskins do?

If I were an eskimo, I would be highly offended, and Im sure UnWise Mike will be writing a scathing article very soon about your teams name being a slap in the face of all the, um, eskimos.

Edit: And I apologize for putting this thread back on the front page. I will respectfully allow it to die now.

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