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Madden 2003: Great Finishes/Memories

Charlie Murphaaay

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4th Quarter - 4:05 left to play:

Last night i'm down 10 (7-17) to the Cards in the first game of the season. Champ Bailey picks off a pass sidearmed to Boston on a Fade pattern, takes it all the way back 79 yards for the TD.

Score (14-17)...i'm thinking now I have a chance......uhhh...well maybe....

4th Quarter - 1:40 left to play:

Frank Sanders appears to make a catch in front of the 1st down marker. Only to be stripped by Fred Smoot for an incompletion. Gramatica makes a 54 yard FG. I'm in dire straights down six with nearly a minute left. Score (14-20).....i'm thinking..damn...now I really NEED a TD in a hurry...oh well...let's go fellas.....

4th Quarter - 1:26 left to play:

I place Champ onto my kick return team. Luckily the Cards kicker kicks it to him at the 6 yard line, I start right, then turn left to find a slim hole I slip through, shrug off a tackle and outrace Martay Jenkins down the sideline to the endzone the game winning TD!!!!!! Score (21-20)....i'm thinking...yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah baby, hell yeah........Champ Bailey is all of it baby....WHAT!!!!

I know all of my fellow Maddenites have some funny/interesting stories good and bad to share. Well share it here.

Even football sims can bring the emotion, tension, stress and relief out of us!!

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Last night: Skins vs Pats / Me against a buddy.

After a first half in which nothing went right, including game ending injuries to Mathiews and Armstead, 5 int's and a fumble left me down 14 to 42 my budy asked me several times over the halftime break if I wouldn't rather start a new game. I declined saying I would rather go down fighting than punk out.

2nd half: After another ceremonial shot of Quervo I took my first drive right down the field with a steady mix of pass n run for a TD. I stuffed his next posesion and he INTd my next for a TD. But I stayed calm and stuck to my game plan. He never scored again. Arrington took Brady out of the game and I kept mixing in the run, worked the clock and took the lead 50 to 49 with 1:30 left in the game. I held him off one last time and made one last first down on a 3rd and 14 with no time outs remaining:pint:

Moral of the story. Never give up, never give in.:high:

One question. Is there ANY WAY to keep the computer from taking over the QB and making a stupid dump off pass when you are waiting for your chosen reciever to get open deep downfield? It's THE most fustrating thing and it can loose a tight game for you. :cuss:

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