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Nov. 18: Santana Moss


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From Symbol

My question to you Santana is this, how do you like playing for a conservative offensive system like we have here in Washington under Coach Joe Gibbs? Just like to see what you feel about what Coles use to say.

Santana Moss

I think that, when you look what we’ve been doing offensively, it’s not very conservative. We know what we set out to do, and that’s to find mismatches and to find out, with the guys we have on the field, the playmakers, what they can do to help this team. And that’s we’ve been doing pretty much this year. So, I’m enjoying what we’ve done this year with this offense.

From H-O-G


First off I want to say that I really respect the way you don’t "show-boat" or dance around in the end zone when you score, to me that shows character and a good football player, it’s something to idolize. My question for you is, What is the difference between your offense in New York to the one here in Washington that has helped you be more of a threat and a playmaker for this offense. Thank you!

Santana Moss

That’s a good question. I think the difference is, this offense has really given me a chance to do things that I’m known to do, and that’s use my athletic skills. I think in New York, we really didn’t focus on what I could do. We just pretty much put me in the offense and let me just run around, not give me a chance to be the guy I am here. What this offense has done for me is find ways to put the ball in my hands early and often to help me get into that zone and help me be that player that I am now.

From altair4

As you know, you are a hero to a large number of people this year. What do you say to the younger fans, who may dream of following in your footsteps?

Santana Moss

I can say ‘I was once in your shoes, watching other guys doing what I’m doing’. Always believe, if you really want to do what I’m doing, just always know that regardless of what someone says to you or about you, you have the last say so about that. So always believe and go out and do what you truly believe in, not what someone else says you can’t do.

From altair4

You seem to be able to neutralize most any defender. Do you think the tendency towards larger DB's contributes to that, in that you can outrun them?

Santana Moss

I think it’s a blessing that I do have speed, because I’m not that big. You know, when I’m going against different defenders I pretty much, you know, watch them a lot during the week and know what’s best for me to get open on them. And so I use that to my advantage. I kind of know if I have a guy that likes to use his strength, I make sure I get in and out. If a guys as fast as I am, I just make sure I do nice, sharp cuts in and out of my break. I pretty much scout ‘em all week and just know what I can do with my ability, using my speed and, I guess my shortness.

From clevelanskins28


What are your thoughts on the possibility of playing with your brother in the future?

Santana Moss

It’d be great, but at the same time, I would like for him to be at this level and not have to be under me, or not have to be around me. I don’t want to see his growing pains. I think when you’re a player of his caliber and you have a brother that’s a little above you and that knows a lot, I think its best for me to just be able to coach him up or talk to him over the phone and not be there on the same team with him. But if we’re fortunate and have that opportunity, I’m pretty sure we are loving and we’d both make sure it’s the best for both of us. But I’d rather him go somewhere and just be able to be his own man, not be my little brother all over again. Because I’m pretty sure he’s tired of all that and wants to be on his own anyway.

From LiveStrongSkins


Every week we hear, "Moss can’t continue this pace, surely teams will double cover him." Besides opening the field up for Patten and co., what are some things you can continue to do even against double coverage?

Santana Moss

Well, I think that the thing that I can continue to do, if I can’t keep it up and keep doing what I’m doing, I’m pretty sure someone else is going to pick it up. I think thus far, we’ve seen that. We’ve seen a lot of other guys on this offense excel because of some of the things that I’ve done. With that in mind, once they get out there and catch the passes that I was catching and making the plays that they’re known to make, then you can come back to me again. But it’s all pretty much a team effort. So whatever I can do to get someone else open, I’m going to do that, because I’m pretty sure it’s going to come back around to me.

From e16bball

Santana--- You played with a generally well-respected QB in Chad Pennington while with the Jets, but have now blown up upon being paired with Mark Brunell. What do you feel is the difference between those two QBs that is helping you to achieve such high levels of success so far?

Santana Moss

I think that Mark Brunell and Chad Pennington are both great quarterbacks. Mark Brunell might have a little more games in him and a little more knowledge of the game because of how long he’s been playing at this level. That’s probably the only difference. The other difference…I can say that Chad Pennington…his scheme of offense that he’s running is more of a different type of offense. It’s more of a timing offense. It’s about steps and about being at the right spot at the right time. I think arm strength could come into play too, because Mark might have a little more strength in his arm. And when you’re dealing with a receiver like myself, I think I’m better with a quarterback who can get the ball downfield to me.

From Skins24

Not really a question, I just wanted say Thank You!

We fans have waited a long time to have a true playmaker on offense, especially at the WR position. Thank you for giving us fans something (and someone) to really cheer about.

Enjoy Hawaii!

Oh wait, I do have a question. Gas or Charcoal?

Santana Moss

Gas (laughs)

From santanamoss89

hey,mr moss

how do u feel about the terrible officiating?

Santana Moss

I feel like there’s so much I could say, but there’s so much I can’t say. Therefore, you just have to go out there and play and deal with it because, you never know, it might come back to you one game down the road when they make some bad calls on the other team and help you win. You know, it sounds crappy, but that’s how this game is played and that’s how we’ve been going through some of these losses and you’ve got to deal with it.

From SeanTaylorsDefense


Watching you this season has given me flashbacks of Gary Clark. Do you have the Redskins receiving record set by Bobby Mitchell with 1,436 yards in the back of your mind?

Santana Moss

Not really. You know I never knew much about what other receivers have done here in history – I know they’ve had some pretty good ones. All I’ve set out to do is do what Santana can do and try to be consistent with that and do more every year coming round. I’m pretty much thankful for whatever I have, whatever I get and I’ll just look forward to doing more of the same the following year.

From 1ofDaFatBoys

Hey Santana, do you ever play Madden? and if so how do you think your ratings on the game compare to your actual abilities?

Santana Moss

Yes, I do play Madden. And I have to say, this year, coming into this season, I guess Madden just knew. And he had me about the best he ever had me on the Madden game. I’ve been playing for the last 5 years now, and I think my rating this year’s been the best since I’ve been in the league.



from the perspective of a receiver, how do Mark Brunell and Patrick Ramsey differ as Quarterbacks, and what do you think is the missing piece from Patrick’s jigsaw to make him a starting back?

Santana Moss

I think both of them are very skilled quarterbacks with different abilities. Mark, you know, he just has the ability to sit back there and make something happen, from all those years that he’s played, he knows the game well. Ramsey’s a guy with a strong arm and I’m pretty sure if he gets in an offense that lets him use the arm that he has, I’m pretty sure that he’d be a real good weapon. With that in mind, I think that whenever Ramsey gets his chance, wherever he’s at, here or anywhere, I’m pretty sure he’ll excel at being a pretty good quarterback.

From sticky-icky-icky

-mr moss-

quick question, who is the hardest cornerback, (that you've gone up against) to play against?

Santana Moss

I don’t know. I can say that I went against a lot of good cornerbacks. I think that in this day and age, when it comes to cornerbacks in the league, you have to compare them on what kind of defensive coverage they have on you. All of them, pretty much, are good. I can say that the hardest defensive coverage that I’ve played against was back in 2001, the Dolphins, that secondary was really tough. When you have Surtain and Madison across from each other and they’re playing that cover 2, man, I mean that was the toughest coverage to me to get open in.

From jrockster77

Santana -- Obviously you always believed that you were a #1 receiver, but at the time of the trade, the general consensus was the Skins were getting hosed in the deal. Most people felt that you were a #2 at best. How did it feel to face so much skepticism from the media? Also, how does it feel to see the Jets and Coles struggling this season?

Santana Moss

That was a good question. I never listened to all that because, to tell you the truth, regardless of what I am as long as I do what I do, I’m satisfied. You can be a #1, you can be a #2, or you can be a #3, I’ve seen all those receivers excel on this level. So regardless of what number they classify me as, as long as I get out there and do what I do, I can’t complain because you can’t complain about what someone’s opinion is about you. I don’t ever wish bad on anybody. I know the Jets are going through some tough times right now. I’m pretty sure in the future, they can correct it and bounce back from it. But it’s tough to watch it. I’m just glad to be a Redskin now. I pretty much don’t even look back at what’s going on over there in New York.

From rightwing

Playing in D.C now, you are not going to be able to avoid it. Hillary or Condi ?

Santana Moss

(uncomfortable silence)….Neither of them.

From flexxskins


Coach Gibbs has mentioned that you have a wonderful way of adjusting to a deeply thrown pass and getting underneath of it. Speed is the most obvious and most talked about contributing factor. What isn't mentioned enough is your fantastic hand, eye coordination.

Are there special drills that you perform to develop superior hand ,eye coordination, or is it just all natural ability and instinct? Thank you sir.

Santana Moss

It’s something that I think I was born with, but at the same time I just practice on it. I mean, it’s nothing that I consciously knew that I had. I just, being a receiver, you’re going to do all the things that you can do to be the best at what you do. So, I mean, any drill that I was taught, I’d just make sure that I’d go over it as many times as I could to be who I am and catch the ball the way I’m catching it.

From Arrington561120


How bout them Redskins. Man it is great to see you guys pull it out against the Eagles, it has been a long time comin but it is nice. It is amazing to watch you catch that screen pass and do your work, so that brings me to this question, What is your favorite play to run and why? Thanks for the time man, keep up the good, no great work.


Santana Moss

To be honest with you, this year, my favorite pass IS the screen pass. Anytime they call it, I’m dying to get it in my hands and do wonders with it. It’s crazy that over the years, the screen pass, as much as I’ve been running it, this has been the most yards I’ve gotten out of it since High School. To see it work the way its working now, that has to be my #1 play right now.

From Santana Fan

Santana, you’re my idol receiver, and I'd really like to thank you for making a major contribution to our team. But my question is, are there any other players from (Miami U) who you wish we're also on the Redskins now? And how does it feel to see your brother play the same exact position and University, does it bring back memories, like picturing yourself?

Santana Moss

There are a lot of players that I could name, but I can’t think right now – I had a brain freeze (laughs). Actually, it’s wonderful to see my younger brother do the things that he can do. I feel proud about it, because I know how much time we put into it together, being young and being out there on the field while everyone else was doing something else, we were practicing and playing ball together. So it’s great to see him get his chance and finally be able to be that guy for the University of Miami wide receivers. I’m just hoping the best for him and I’m pretty sure he knows where he’s going and he’s going to follow my footsteps and be the best he can be at this level too.

From Leonard Washington

who's the best dancer on the team?

Santana Moss

I …have….NO….idea (laughs).

From jets 83

Hi Santana,

I used to watch you every Sunday when you were on the Jets, and now i sometimes watch the Redskins to see how your doing down there, but you said one time that you would be happy if you caught one pass per a quarter, so four a game, have you risin your goal or expectations for the Redskins since they have a different offense?

Even though you may wanted to be traded ( i'm not sure ) but i still have your jersey from the jets, and i will always be one of your fans.

Santana Moss

That’s a great question jets 83, and I do remember you from when I was over there with the Jets. I did say that. That was one of my goals. That was one of my wishes…at least give me a pass per quarter. I think over here, they’ve been giving me two or three passes per series. And it’s wonderful just to be a part of it. I think when you want to be your best, and you want to be one of those receivers that’s talked about, you have to have opportunities. And that’s what the Redskins have given me thus far, and that’s what receivers want, to have opportunities to be who they can be. I appreciate you and I appreciate the question.

Closing Statement, Santana Moss

To all my fans out there, I appreciate the questions. I appreciate you. Please keep rooting me on and I’ll continue doing my thing. Thank you!
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