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Anybody know anywhere where you can buy a prepped Turducken?? I would love to try one this year, but don't want to go through the prep work myself. It looks a little initimidating.

For those that don't know, a Turducken is a de-boned Chicken stuffed into a de-boned Duck stuffed into a de-boned Turkey. All you gotta do is cook it, then you can slice right through it, w/o worrying about carving and all that good stuff.

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You can go to a local butcher shop with all 3 and ask him to remove all the bones, except the legs and wings on the turkey. YOu can also get them from Cabella's.com. Recipes can be found on www.foodnetwork.com, check out Paula Deen's Southern Thanksgiving. She made one and it looked delicious!!

Here is the link...


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