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The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly..Debate.


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Didn’t sleep much last night man and its amazing to me that a person can get so involved with a football game but IMO that is what makes life so wonderful…the little things like your football team winning and making a push to the playoffs after so many years or you country winning the most improbable championship in the world (Greece Euro 2004 soccer, still can’t believe that one). This morning I have to get a few things done but I still can’t get out of my mind the fact that we lost the way we lost. So what was for you the Good, the Bad and the Ugly in this game? Here are mine.

The Good.

Our team putting up almost 400 yards on the best D in the NFL at their house. I mean can’t you imagine us saying this last year? This offense is potent and Portis looked the best yesterday, he had zip and determination in his play.

Cooley is a stud period. Once again we were so unfortunate he got hurt on that nice play when we were going down for the game winning field goal. If he doesn’t I say we had a good chance at a field goal. That pass to Betts on the 30 yard line would have been an easy catch for Cooley.

Special teams played very well, and JHall is kicking well, especially the kickoffs are at the 5 or deeper with nice height. Much better than Novac.

The Bad

As good as Brunell played yesterday I can’t believe the coaches have not told him…no demanded of him, to protect the ball better when the pressure is on. He holds on to the ball like a grocery bag.. Christ tuck it away man.

Patten is a bust. Jacobs should get the chance because Patten not only can’t make plays but I also notice a couple of plays where he kind of jogged down the field. Its time we give Jacobs the node to see if he has a future with us.

The OL played horribly in the first half, picked it up considerable in the second. However to be a good OL you have got to bring it the entire game.

Walt Harris has lost a lot since that game in Dallas. I mean he maybe our new “toast”. He looks slow, he looks old and I think Williams should think twice before letting him out on the island by himself, especially since our pass rushing just sucks.

And speaking of pass rushing (I was going to put this at the Ugly category) when you can’t get any pressure on a team that has allowed 10 sacks in the past two games including the worse team in the league with 8 people….YOU SUCK. No way to sugar coated. Don’t know what it is, we are selling the blitz too early? Without Griffin to take two OLinemen we get owned?...don’t know but Williams better solve this one or we are doomed.

Turnovers. WTF? Do we have bad Karma or what? I mean those two INTs where not Brunells faults, and they caused us the game. Heck we almost lost the Seattle game on such a fluke INTs. Who cursed us man I don’t know but what I do know is that things like that tend to even out. To give up the ball 3 times and lose the game on a very very questionable 2 point conversion says to me that this teams with a little luck can be very dangerous.

The Ugly

Two things here that didn’t allow me to sleep last night, and for me they were by far the worse things about our game yesterday.

First no question about it the fact that this team has lost 3 out of 4 games because of their own mistakes/stupidity takes the cake. Denver, KC and the Bucs should have been wins. Joe Gibbs coached teams the first time around wouldn’t have lost these type of games. No way no how. The inability of this team this year and last year to put away opponents, make the turnover, allow teams back in the game etc etc is mind-boggling and inexcusable. Why is it we find ways to lose when he have outplayed our opponents in their own house? Crap like this can and will destroy a team, I hope we can put it behind us.

Second the NFL really needs to look at its officiating because one of these years the fans will cease to put up with this BS. I will not even go into the 2 point conversion (did the Line judge takes his time or what? By that time he made his decision the RB could have crawled to China and back). Last night I watched the game again because I just couldn’t sleep and low and behold I saw the two plays that I thought were just about the most atrocious in terms of the type of calls.

First and foremost the Galloway reception in the first half that was out of bounds. Why the F this was not reviewable and what the F did that line judge see to make him think he was pushed out? Why would you have an instant replay and not review EVERYTHING about a play. Because if that is the case this was no way a catch since Clark barely touched him AFTER he steps out of bounds. There is ultimately 7 points for the Bucs but more important the confidence ups for Simms for completing a long pass which came back to hunt us.

The second play was the holding call on old Doc negating the long pass to Moss. Yes it was holding but the atrocious thing about was this. If this was holding, (again no argument there) why wasn’t the play on the TD pass that Simms threw with Arrington is getting tackled from behind just a step away from Simms? These refs have got to call the game even. In fact if they will call Dockery on that type of hold just go back and watch at least 4 instances where we were held when Simms completed passes on 3rd down in EXACTLY the same manner. This is getting old and IMO is down right UGLY by the refs.

Now on to Oakland. Yes this is a must game.

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The Good

Clinton Portis had 107 yards on 12 carries in the first quarter.

The offense scored 28 points against the #1 defense.

We actually ran a kick back for a TD.

The Bad

Defense needs to get pressure on the QB.

Portis did not get the ball enough in the second half.

The Ugly

NFL Officials

Still turning the ball over

Bring on the Raiders.

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The really really really really really ugly. Brunell and his ball handling. I mean he's a freaking veteran. How hard is it to realize pressure is coming and tuck the ball way? Gibbs saying it's protection problems is true but protection breaksdown sometimes. And it always seems to happen at the worse time. HOLD ON TO THE BALL!!!!

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"A win is a win. I didn't see the ball break the plane of the goal line,

I say he was not in. But the replay must show overwhelming evidence that the call on th feild was incorrec, So he was in??????

I think we Jedi mind-tricked the refs!

Good going A-Train!"

A quote from a Tampa fan on their boards.

They know they didn't win that game without the help of the ref's. It makes me sick.

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