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(that means "hello ... friends" the rest of you)

Damn, you Redskins DID beat the Eagles! I AM TOTALLY IMPRESSED! Really, I am...!

And the Redskins did it in such fashion...ball control, short passes, some good play calling, and your defense did really good, holding the slimbirds to just just a few points, hitting McNabb...being physical! Good game... :eaglesuck

And to TOP it off...you beat them so bad...that they got rid of T.O.! That's what I call a butt whippen!

I did'nt think the Skins had it in them...to play like that!

OK! I can't remember who on this forum, said that they would send me a Redskin T-shirt, if the Redskins won the game...so who ever you were, and you know what it is, bro! PM me, and I will give you my address so you can send it to me! (i will wear it with pride) :cool:

When the Boyz come up there to play your team...please...pretty, please...go easy on the Cowboys, OK? That don't need a spanking like Skins put on those BIG BAD EAGLES!

YOUR TEAM DID IT! :cheers:

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I wouldn't say we beat the Eagles so bad they decided to lose T.O.

Rather, I'd say the Eagles were impressed with their performance on Sunday night and figured they are comfortable enough going with what they have right now.

I was expecting a more convincing win from the Skins considering the state of the Eagles offense this year. The fact that it was that close... @ Fed Ex.... means the Eagles will be just fine.

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