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There've been riots in Denmark too...

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In a place called Arhus. Rioting because cartoons portrayed Mohammad. Now, granted, the depictions were not flattering, but the entire episode proves the point. You can speak freely(more or less) about other religions, including strong criticism, even bashing. You can not do so for them.

They've also been making arrests related to a terror plot, in Denmark.

"The cartoons were in turn a response to the difficulties encountered by a children's writer, Kare Bluitgen, who couldn’t find an illustrator for his book on the Koran and the Prophet's life since all the artists he approached feared the wrath of Muslims if they drew images of the Prophet. "

English translation:


For several nights in a row, there has been the worst riots in Århus for many years.

"This land belongs to us", declared the young rioters. Another arson attack took place sunday night.

Sunday evening the fire department needed police escorts to get in and extinguish an arsonist fire in Søndervangs Alle.

The words of the young muslims sound like an open declaration of war against Danish society. The police must stay away. This area belongs to immigrants.

Four youngsters sit at the wall in the Rosenhøj center, sunday afternoon, self decleared spokesmen, for those groups who three nights in a row has rioted, and put business on fire.

All around the parking lot, there are swarms of cars with youngster from the immigrant community, who are celebrating the worst riots in Århus in several years.

Every night, 30 to 40 immigrant youngsters participated. Only two are under arrest.

It was a victory.

"We knew that you would come. We are the spokesmen", said one young man with his face covered.

He was angry. Very angry.

Petrol though the window.

At the back of the house was a window broken, and the fire was burning wildly, probably because of petrol that had been thrown in.

The fire engines waited for police escort so they could enter in and try to put out the fires.

Bricks from the street have been thrown and crushed windowns all up the street.

The police reports that the youngsters came to the area armed with rocks that they brought in.

Rocks against a bakery.

Saturday, a 16 year old from Somalia was jailed for comitting dangerous violence, because he attacked a bakery with large rocks. One rock barely missed the bakers face.


"We are tired of being oppressed. We are tired of the police raiding our parents. We are tired of the police stopping our cars, and raids us in public and damages our honour.»

"We are tired of the police beating up our friends, like they did this afternoon", screams the younf man with his face covered.

He calles himself 100 percent palestinian, born in a refugee camp in Lebanon, 19 years ago, and is now unemployed in Denmark.

"The police has to stay away. This is our area. We rule this place"

And then comes the cartoons of Mohammed.


"We are angy to what has happened to our prophet. We are tired of the Jyllands Post (Danish paper who published cartoons of Mohammed). I know that it wasn't you, but we are not going to take this, what the Jyllands Post has done towards the prophet", he states aggressivly, and the others nod in agreement.

Planned for three weeks.

Two of them are Turks, and it is the first time that Turks and Palestinians have joined forces, according to the spokesman.

"We have planned this for three weeks. That's why only two were arrested on Saturday. Police tried to block us in, but we now how to get out", he states and dissapears chewing on a piece of pizza that he has looted from Fun Pizza.upon the free world?

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There are some real mixed up muslim youth in this world. I wonder where they get that?

:doh: Couldn't possibly be the crazy teachings they get nearly from birth to hate anything from the west.... and more importantly.... anything good.

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