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The numbers that matter this morning


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It's 1 tick in the loss column, no more, no less, and the Eagles game starts out 0-0.

I think this could be a good wake-up call for this team if they want to be a contender at some point.

For most of the past many years, a 'big game' for this team has been only a chance to sneak up on a superior foe and maybe embarrass them a little. This was the first time a big game really had division implications, and we blew it.

I think we got a little too fat on the hype about our offense, even while we were losing 2 out of 3. Now all the young players know that the games aren't won on stat sheets and website power rankings.

I still think we can make this season interesting.

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I agree with you, Sags. I still believe that there has been steady improvement (like the line on a financial chart) with some pauses thrown in, much like taking three steps forward with one step back.

Let's see how big our next three steps become after our one step back. Who knows? Pierce revealing these habits of Williams' defense may cause him to make changes to it; maybe we'll get a BETTER defense and coaching philosophies (offensively as well) as a result.


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