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Out of curiousity, Joe Gibbs Racing

Johnny on the Spot

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As much as I love Joe, I could never root for anyone driving a Chevy. BIG Roush Racing fan here, Mark Martin especially. Along with my extensive Redskin collection, my basement houses pieces of all 5 current Roush Nextel Cup cars.


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I hate Tony Stewart with a passion when he has a junk car he always has total disregard for everybody else and takes his frustration out on other drivers. He has improved in that regard this year. Bobby Labonte is a good guy thats hard to root againest but thier struggling.

I grewup on racing just like football. My family was huge Earnhardt fans so I instantly became a Bill Elliott fan because he was the rival back in the mid 80's and when he set the record 212mph at Dega I was hooked. I was PO'ed bigtime that he did'nt return year before last year and instead retired after finishing 8th in the points and basically winning his last 2 races although he had a blowout the last race on the last lap with a huge lead but that team was coming on strong. He could have been a chase contender. I was'nt sure if I could like racing the same way anymore but that changed when Kasey Kahne showed so much talent early on and I'm hooked again. Hopefully he can stop blowing tires and tearing up great race cars cause this kid is very talented and once he learns to take care of his equipment, watch out.

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