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Win/Losing on Sunday. It all depends.


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The Skins have played in some tough games where all they have needed is one lucky break to pull of a stunning win. The same goes for the other teams that we have played against and won. Although I think this next game rides mostly on luck. In this game verse the Giant we will be matched up pretty well. We have the same record. We have played simialar teams and we are therefore very close in skill level. It all depends on who gets the lucky breaks.

Half of everything is luck.

Personally I think this is the only game that rides on luck, all other will depend on skill and coaching.

GO Skins

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Not having turnovers caused by our offense is going to dictate a win or loss for us. I'm sure the team knows that they cannot afford to lose the ball to the Giants and I'm sure coach Gibbs has drilled it to the team through practice. This is going to be a really exciting game!

All good teams have been blessed by good luck. It's also the play-makers that make the luck come easier! I hope Brunell keeps his mojo going with the recievers and Clinton breaks one. And lets unleash Lavar on Eli, that will be VERY entertaining, lol.

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The Giants defense is not much better than the 49ers. The only way we might loose is if we turn over the ball a lot. Joe Gibbs will stress that point again.

Last week against the 49ers Joe Gibbs had the team playing like that game was big and they played mistake free (no turnovers and few penalties) for the full game. This week the game is big; so Joe will have no problem having them playing just a good as they played last week.

Luck shouldn't decide this game. We are ready to flat-out dominate.:2cents:


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