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Is Hall in or out?

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He's listed as probable. Gibbs said that he planned on discussing the kicking situation with Danny Smith just after he finished his press conference. I beleive he said he would make the decision "at the last minute".

My gut says Hall plays, and Novak is released.

That answer is correct.

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I think they should hold on to Novak for a while just in case John's injury starts up again. You know how it was in seasons of the past.

not just a while, i think Novak was signed for a year, and will stay for the rest of the year, for the same reasons.

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Novak I supposed could be put on the practice squad but then he would be fair game for any other NFL team.

I hope the Redskins will find a loophole to keep him for at least another week or two.

It would be a shame if Hall is not 100% and has to miss more playing time and then the Redskins are stuck without a kicker.

Possibly put Jones or Patterson on the practice squad and release Parson or S. Harris from the practice squad.

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