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How fast will SF change to a 4-3 D?


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Not a poll, just a question. In the pre-season, the Steelers ran a 3-4 against us and Portis ran the ball all over them, making them change to a 4-3 defense at halftime. Obviously, the 49ers have a much weaker D than Pittsburg. I think after 3 or 4 offensive series they will switch, what do you guys think???

:logo: HTTR!!! :helmet:

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It will not matter, this should be a "Huge" game for the team and a fun day for us (redskin fans)!!!:applause: :40oz: :wavetowel :munchout:

With a win, and some losses by (eagles, cowgirls, and g-men) we're back in first place baby!

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I'm not sure.

They are pretty strong at the DE positions in that 3-4 with Marques Douglas and Bryant Young. Those guys will hold their ground a little better than the Steelers' Von Oelhoffen and Smith.

Additionally, the Cowboys had pretty good success with their 3-4 hybrid against us.

I'd like them to get out of it, though. That would really negate the effect of Julian Peterson blitzing from the OLB and Andre Carter coming from that elephant position. As long as Brunell has time to throw, I don't think they'll have any luck at all stopping the pass.

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Anybody who thinks we're gonna win just cuz we showed up is crazy.

Do you even watch the NFL ?

I'd be more worried if the 'Skins even can pull out a win.

I'm an oldtimer, but I remember chuckling when the Dallas ran out a 3rd stringer...

Clint Longley against the 'skins.

The announcer said..."What's a Longley"....shortly after that, Longley threw the game winning TD against us.

It's cool to have a swagger, but remember the other team is getting paid too.

The 'Skins haven't proven anything yet with their running game.

I'm not yet ready to annoit them until they've earned it.

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