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just saw this and couldn't let it go...

"The parting shot this week comes from an unnamed Redskins operative who, noting the shoddy performance of Washington quarterbacks in early camp workouts, suggested that unsigned first-round draft choice Patrick Ramsey might do well to sit at home a while longer. "The longer Ramsey is out (of camp), the closer he gets to winning the starting job," said the observer.

Len Pasquarelli is a senior NFL writer for ESPN.com."

1 preseason game does not a starting/pro bowl calibre qb make, but it sure is good to see things turning back into our favor...finally


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Peter King said the Redskins made a mistake in drafting Fred Smoot.

John Clayton thought the Redskins had no chance to land Steve Spurrier in January and thought it would be better for the team to keep Marty here.

Pasquarelli thought the Redskins even with Spurrier on board and the NFC's leading rusher would be a basketcase on offense while Dallas with a 33 year old running back and a young quarterback who has not shown that much yet, is going to be the surprise team.

Well, all I have to say is, WELCOME TO THE PARTY :cheers:

Smoot is a top corner.

Spurrier is here and Marty was sent packing.

And the Redskins are going to score points.

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