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Spurrier is one of the most mis-understood people in the country.


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They call him arrogant, yet he always gives credit where it is do.

His typical quotes: "I guess God smiled on the Gators today", "They just outplayed us and out-coached us", We were very fortunate to have won the game today"

They call him mean but it is just competitive fun to him. He would love every game to be a huge rivalry, with all the marbles at stake. His jabs are just slap-stick humor. You think "dough-boy" (Tenn Vols' Philip Fulmer) had it tough? Just ask Steve's buddies who play golf with him all the time. Steve wears them out mericilessly as they play. Yet, they keep coming back for more. I would love to see another coach (for once) taunt or poke fun at Steve before they play a game. I know Spurrier would love to see that happen all of the time. He proudly wears a target himself.

The key to his coaching style. To put his players in a position to make plays. Period. Something no one ever really did in the NFL with Wuerfful. At Florida, he once read the lyrics to Lee Ann Womack's song "I Hope You Dance" to his players before their bowl game. You see, he understands that it is the players who have to be shine. He wants them to experience his love of winning for themselves. And then, he can have fun (as the fan of the game he has always been) and crack one liners and build rivalries and win and lose, and keep football the bigger-than-life game it has always been.

Maybe I am just biased as a life long Gator fan, but I know many of you skin fans will get his humor, understand his taunts, and have more fun watching football than you ever thought you could have before. And you will be as puzzled as I am to the reactions of so many thin skinned (no pun intended) fans to Steve Spurrier, the living legend. We are fortunate indeed, to witness the impact he will have in the NFL. And the funny, knee jerk reactions of his detractors. And that can be just as much fun to watch.

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Well said SOSFAN. And well written.

Last night was the most fun I have had watching a Skins game since the Skins beat Denver in the superbowl. Yeah, it was only pre-season. Yeah we had a personel advantage. And yeah, it meant absolutely nothing. But man was it fun.

Before the game I was reminding myself not to expect too much and not be disapointed if we struggled. By the third quarter I was afraid to get up and use the restroom for fear of missing another touchdown. Spurrier's attitude seems to infect the team. That sense of fun. The desire to win and the belief that you can, by a lot.

There has been a lot of talk about what we can take away from this game. Iv'e read some brilliant analisis by Art, Bulldog and others. But let's step back and look at the intangibles.

This team is only going to get better.

Scary thought isn't it? Sure we are going to struggle at times but in the long run last night was just a teaser. Last night Spurrier issued a challenge to the entire NFL. Adapt or die. That message was clearly writen on the stunned faces of the Forty Niners as they tried to figure out what was hapening to them. Isn't it ironic that on the day George Allen was inducted into the Hall of Fame, the next Redskins coach to change the way the game is played made his debut?

All I can say is, it's good to be a Redskins fan.:cheers:

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