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I have read and heard nothing but good things about Donovan Arp at DT since the minicamps. I will be interested to see him on Saturday night.

He is 6'3 and 293 but quick and could be an effective player in the DT rotation at age 24, with room to improve.

The Redskins NEED to find these kinds of players and develop them. Arp comes cheap as does Ross Tucker who also will start and if just two or three of these kinds of younger guys makes the team and contributes as a spot starter or key reserve the Redskins will be in good stead in 2002. :)

The quarterback derby is a real jumble. I expected Shane Matthews to come in and take the position by storm the way Jacquez Green did.

But after a slow start it looks as if he might be coming around.

As the article stated he is the only quarterback we have that can throw the deep out with any consistency.

I have real concerns about Wuerffel physically if he is the starter come September 8.

Last year we didn't throw many long balls by choice of style and we couldn't spread the field enough to get any breathing room in the short and intermediate zones.

If Wuerffel is the starter, are corners going to respect our big play ability down the field or are they just going to jump the shorter routes as they did last year?

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Hopefully Arp isn't looking sharp solely because of our inept O-line. He's probably working against the second team, or a combination thereof. I'm afraid he'll be neutralized going up against superior guards.

The preseason will tell all. :)

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