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Dallas' strength is defense?


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How's this for a laugh?

From the DirectTVSports 2001 NFL Preview Issue magazine. The blurb on Dallas says, and I quote:

"Its strength being defense, Dallas will play in a lot of low-scoring games."

Huh, what? What's that? I have never heard of Dave Spadaro, the author of said blurb, and I think I know why. The man hasn't a clue.

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I just don't see it.

Defense - Dallas had the worst run defense in the league last season and they have probably gotten WORSE. Furthermore, they had sub-par starting CBs, both of which are now gone. Exactly where is the strength here. The re-signing of Coakley? Hardly. Maybe saftey, but they are getting a little long in the tooth, are they not?

Offense - Yes, they are relying on a rookie QB, but they weren't counting on much from the QB position anyway. Emmitt is old, but still effective when used properly (which does not include the option). The WR corp could be OK if healthy, though that's a big if. The O-line is fairly steady.

If defense is the strength of this team, this is going to be a very enjoyable year for me. biggrin.gif

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Or, Dallas' strength is their defensiveness. Actually, their real strength is self-delusion. 10 wins, Jerruh? Suuuuuurrrrrrrrrre! biggrin.gif


"Loosen up, Sandy baby. You're just too damn tight!" - John Riggins to Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor

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