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Questions about chronology


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With Marty gone, I am left to wonder about the chronology of things behind the scenes.

Did Snyder establish an informal agreement with the GM candidate days or even weeks ago? Maybe. Did all this happen just because Spurrier became available? Maybe. Is there more to the story that nobody outside of Dan Snyder knows? Probably.

In the end, we're going to know a lot more about how plausible the scenarios are from how the GM/ Coaching announcements are made.

If the Spurrier hiring is announced tomorrow, then we may made have yet another bass ackwards decision. If the GM is announced first, or at the same time, then I think that this will have all been part of the master plan.

The order matters mostly because it will determine a lot about the ability of the everybody (coach, GM, owner, players even) to get along, and present a basis for stability into the future.

Rest assured, things are going to be interesting...

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No owner, in the history of football, has created more off season interest than Snyder. (If who, let me know) You see; Snyder grew up in the computer age and it is pretty clear to me he does not care about winning. He cares about giving us interest so we can use these computer sites. I bet, indirectly, Danny is making money off this post as I speak.

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I think Dan was happy with Marty and planned to have him back for 2002 but when Steve announced that he was leaving U.of F. Dan jumped at the chance to get him. I think it was a knee-jerk reaction just like Dan firing Norv. Dan can't seem to learn from his mistakes.


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Marty made the same mistake Jack Pardee made. He finished up an uneven season and told the owner that no major changes were necessary despite some glaring holes on the roster and on the coaching staff.

I disagree that Dan was happy with Marty until Spurrier resigned. I think there was going to be a dogfight regardless of Spurrier over the role of a general manager for 2002. Snyder became convinced that the problems on offense were directly the result of poor decision making by Marty in the offseason. Poor decisions in going with JG, poor decisions to implement a style of play not suited to the available talent. It all pointed to Marty showing his own inexperience in the GM/personnel role. Perhaps most importantly he failed to give himself an insurance policy by acquring a veteran backup in free agency that could have spent the requisite time learning the system behind George.

As far as the coaches go, there wasn't anyone around Washington that thought Norv Turner deserved to stay. Perhaps Snyder fired him 3 games too early as it is customary to let a guy finish out the season. But that is form, not substance. Turner was gone, whether it was December 1 or January 1.

Robiskie was a last second interim hire whose gruff personality and lack of experience made it very unlikely he would be retained as the head of a football team that is in a big-time market. Terry was here for 3 games and went 1-2 with a pair of ugly losses to Dallas and Pittsburgh.

So, does his count as a Head Coach firing? How many interim coaches in the NFL go on to nail down the full-time job the following season? My guess is not many.

Marty came in and promised us better than 8-8. From his own lips. Now was it injuries that caused the failure to live up to expectations? That could be understood and explained away. If Davis or Arrington missed the season perhaps. If both Samuels and Jansen missed time. Ditto for Bailey.

But those were not the reasons. The reasons were the coach's own actions. His aforementioned choice of field leaders and his inability to communicate and forge an alliance with key veterans he would need to count on to be successful during the season.

So, Marty WAS a real firing, unlike Robiskie. But Marty knew he had made some serious errors in judgment. Think of how much better this team would have been with a different player at qb from the beginning and say retaining Centers and Thrash.

That is what Snyder saw. Those personnel moves crippled the offense. The decision to not use Westbrook at all until the midpoint of the season further limited an already limited unit. This is what resulted in the #28 ranking.

Anyone with a discriminating eye could see that changes were necessary on that side of the ball. Marty was unwilling to make those changes himself and unwilling to work with another executive who might suggest ways of doing so from an impartial, outside perspective.

Hence, his firing.

What did Jack Pardee do in 1980? When asked by Cooke how he would improve the team from 6-10 and get back on the winning track he suggested more trades of draft picks to shore up his defense with veteran players.

This while the team had one of the oldest rosters in the NFL. Jack just didn't get the idea of using the draft to select and develop players. As with his mentor, George Allen, those draft picks presented themselves as opportunities to acquire 8th, 9th and 10th year vets.

And like Snyder in 2001, Cooke in 1980 decided that Pardee's approach ignored and even fostered the problems already apparent on the club.

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Bulldog, I totally agree with you. It was an excellant explanation of why Marty is gone.

Snyder has made three major mistakes since acquiring the Skins:

1 Remove Casserly rather than Turner

2 Firing Turner in mid season

3 Hireing Marty last year.

I hope that getting Steve Superior is not anither mistake. I would first hire a GM.

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