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Well, I don't think that we're going to be getting into any "do we keep Jimmy Raye" debates


It's conceivable that some of the coaches will carry over. Someone like Trgovac, who survived the Norv purge could do it. Maybe someone else too. hard to say.

There will be a pretty large turnover, however.

The more interesting thing will be how this affects our free agents, particularly KJ Carter, KLang, and Westbrook.


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the fact remains that a search for a GM needs to begin in earnest. we need to help Spurrier in securing a quality candidate as defensive coordinator, preferably someone with legitimate NFL experience.

Spurrier's success will depend largely on what moves the new GM makes to get Steve the offensive talent he needs to run his program.

Certainly, Spurrier's knowledge of the college players coming out in the draft should be a valuable input as Jimmy Johnson's was in 1989-92 when he and Jones were rebuilding the Cowboys. smile.gif

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