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<u>Myth #1: The Positive Spin...</u>

Even before Dan Snyder bought the Redskins, he has been enamored with the Big-time offenses that men like Norv Turner and Steve Spurrier created in college and the NFL. He saw the flop that was Norv, and immediately chased Spurrier, only to be rebuked.

Dan listens to Vermiel and gives Schotty a call. They get along. Schotty makes the sell, and since Snyder can't have Spurrier, he reluctantly takes a known commodity and tries on the old Squire's hat.

But Pepper R, a man who has the ear and respect of Spurrier, keeps working on Dan and Spurrier and he finally makes the sell to Steve that Washington is the place for him. Snyder becomes disenchanted with Marty for leaving him out of the loop, and making some early poor personel moves... and starts listening to Pepper that Spurrier will be available if he wants him. Luckily, Marty doesnt make a strong case for keeping with the 0-5 start and the sweep by Dallas.

In the interest of winning, Snyder bets that Spurrier is the next Jimmy Johnson....Marty is out.

Spurrier is in.

<u>Myth #2: The Negative Spin...</u>

Before the season started, Marty promised to keep Dan in the loop. Dan looked forward to learning from Marty's experience and teaching.

But Dan didnt feel like Marty followed through on his promise . Dan was left out in the cold when Marty let Larry Centers go... and his refusal to negotiate with Thrash, yet signed Lockett to a contract comparable to the Philly offer to JT didn't help.

Dan is the owner and wants to be consulted on all moves. But in Snyder's mind, Marty was given too much power and he was going to use it as he saw fit for the good of the club.

Dan pays Pepper Rodgers well for his advice. Pepper says that Spurrier is 'The Man'. And, more inportantly, he would let Dan have plenty of input if the price is right.

Marty makes it hard to be canned with his 8-3 finish, but Snyder just cant stand not being in the loop. And a GM who answers to him AND has the final say over the coach is JUST the ticket. Spurrier is agreeable to that... for the right price of course. So, the little Napolean has his plan set.

Snyder finds Spurriers "right price". And Marty finds the door... and grabs his $10 million on the way out.


So, where is the truth in between these two myths? We know that the media will find all sorts of different versions of each.

Bottom line to me is that I'd like to believe that Snyder is just doing what he thinks is best for the team. But then again, I believe the same thing about Al Davis.

Either way, its a challenging time to be a Skins fan.

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Turner was JKC's man. I think he was hoping that Turner would turn into the 'next Gibbs'. They were both considered offensive geniuses. Snyder hopes that Spurrier will be turn into his Gibbs, I guess.

One thing, why can't Snyder hire coaches with easy to spell last names? You know, like Gibbs or Allen? Okay, this seems to be a trend in the NFL.

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