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Coleman may play Guard for the Skins after all


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Dont count out Reggie Coleman. He was drafted a Tackle, but when you look at his scouting report, he sounds much more fitting at Guard than Tackle. Even his 'negatives' suggest he could make a better Guard. Perhaps that is why they drafted him. Maybe the next starting Guard on the team is Reggie, not Ben Coleman


Positives: Hard worker with a sturdy lower body frame…Hits explosively and creates movement off the snap…Stays with the play well, showing proper arm extension and foot shuffling ability…Bends his knees and has a wide leg base, displaying a fluid retreat setting up in pass protection…Maintains balance and gets his hands up quickly to sustain and gain leverage vs. the bull rush…Does a nice job of using his size and arm power to redirect…Flashes the ability to sustain and slide his feet in pass protection.

Negatives: For all of his power, he rarely shows aggression…Needs to play at a lower pad level as his upright stance causes defenders to quickly get their hands into his chest…Has to develop a nastier disposition, as he seems to make only passive attempts at mauling his opponent…Has a soft body, despite his strength…Falls off the plays late and is more of a "belly surfer," losing his feet and falling to the ground in his attempts to neutralize the linebackers upfield…Has marginal quickness working in space and struggles to adjust to the defender on the move…Needs to generate a more forceful hand punch, as he prefers to only maintain contact rather than jolt…Does not recognize rip-&-swim moves and falls off some when the defenders twist by…Has to be more consious of the play developing, as he frequently is called off-sides…Does not have the foot agility to consistently defend the edge.


Two-year starter at left offensive tackle who is one of the strongest players on the team…Has been hampered by nagging injuries during his career, but still managed to start 22 of his final 24 games.



Started ten contests at left offensive tackle, collecting 65 key blocks/knockdowns for an offense that averaged 402.4 yards per game.

Louisiana State - Made six knockdowns, leveling linebacker Trev Faulk on a 70-yard touchdown bomb from QB Casey Clausen to Kelly Washington and also opened a hole used by Clausen for a 3-yard scoring run as the team totaled 448 yards.

Georgia and Vanderbilt - Did not play due to an ankle sprain.

Alabama - Cut blocked defensive tackle Jarret Johnson to clear a rush lane used by Clausen for a 1-yard scoring run as the team gained 480 yards.

Kentucky - Brought down defensive end Dennis Johnson with a roll block on Clausen's 59-yard touchdown pass to Donte' Stallworth, but left late in the game after re-injuring his ankle.

Florida - Made a key block on linebacker Andra Davis to spring tailback Travis Stephens for a 35-yard scoring run as the Vols amassed 242 yards on the ground.

Michigan (Citrus Bowl) - Cleared a path for Stephens' 3-yard touchdown run as the offense finished with 503 yards.

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I know that in high school he was one of Arkansas' Players of the Year and was highly recruited out of Jonesboro. You don't start on the UT offensive line unless you're pretty good. I'd love to see the guy develop.

Maybe I can catch his attention at camp by singing Rocky Top (or have Spurrier order me removed).

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I think this kid should be given every chance to start. This would be a good time to develop one of our own. Ray Brown would have been nice but he is old and we already have accounted for Coleman spot on the roster, but it would be better if we brought in some more depth but I would like for a few young kids to step up out of this draft

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when I look at the offensive line candidates I go back to the interview with OL coach Kim Helton a couple of months ago where he basically said none of the younger players are ready to step up and play right now.

he indicated Loverne was the furthest along at that point and the younger guys like Tucker, Sulfsted, Brandt, etc.....needed to continue to improve.

the fact Loverne hasn't started in the NFL and was a throw in for a minor trade, didn't exactly instill me with confidence regarding the line prospects.

at the same time maybe it was a shot across the bow from Helton to the younger guys that they needed to step up their efforts in the offseason.

I don't think the team had seen much of Coleman at that point so perhaps he wasn't included in that grouping of the 'younger guys' that Kim was talking about?

I do think that when you can consistently get in 6'5 and 310 players on the OL that have strength and a good work ethic as Coleman seems to by his bio, that a good staff should be able to get these guys up and running within a year or two in the NFL.

You see younger guys starting their first, second and third years after having been #5 or #6 picks around the league and it is time the Skins found a player or two on the cheap that can step up and make a major contribution.

The Helton article appeared before the Skins acquired Kipp Vickers so I don't know how or where he fits into the equation.

Is he the leading candidate to start now?

Or is the team going to sign another vet?

Or based on performance are they going to go with a younger guy that steps up in camp and the preseason?

it would be nice if it was the latter.

we have seen Vickers' play in the past and at 32 he is a fill-in at the most basic level.

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