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We are their fans from the crusty depths of poverty to the highest peak in a small town atop a distant peak of mountains in the west.

We come from overseas, with a founded love of American sport and this is our team, we love the heritage and respect that which was founded the image of pride, with his head held HIGH, not low.

No chopping, no slurs about his image, but a respect that reflects his determination, not politics, but an image showing no single form of defilement and yet challenging those to respect their own differences and cultures.

We are the fans that have endured losing as well celebrated the winning. We crowd bus stops, shops, suburbs and subways to hurry for a chance at nothing less than the atmosphere of an 8 year old child that is caught in awe of the entire circus, removing himself not. We are the fans that spend even on the most remote item that even resembles a memory savored by the Greats and their ghosts that linger in our hearts and minds. We recall the old Griffith, the old RFK, and we marvel at the new in FEDEX.

We are the fans that saw the first legitimate Championship for our team during the world's most recent awesome crisis in WWII to the first international space station crew. We are the fans that come from the deepest depths of society to the fartherest corners of the world, while living there or on duty for our nation. We are the fans, and without us, the team has no story to tell.

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