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come on now folks. I see all the prayer posts about it being a long season coming up.

well, what do you expect from a team of 22 and 23 year olds? :)

Jordan makes this team respectable. But at 40 he isn't part of the future, so it is instructive to let these guys learn on the court and get them as much time as possible to develop.

I don't see a core player here that the team can build with to win a championship.

But there is enough talent to develop a 45 or 48 win team that can be ready to climb the mountain WITH the acquisition of a true franchise player in free agency down the road.

The Wizards were 'artificially enhanced' last season by Jordan's 23.9 per game in points and leadership.

That team otherwise was not that good.

This team with the addition of another 2 or 3 fresh faces is probably going to be a more competitive (internally) and deep one than last season's squad.

But that may be obscured by the decline or absence of the production coming from ole #23.

That's life :laugh:

It's possible the Wizards could win 34 or 35 games in 2002 and be a much better basketball team overall than the 2001 edition.

This year is about finding out who can play.

Once the team determines that, it can identify and go after the cog that can be brought in and will put the team on the map, having the players here blend in and around that talent.

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The Wizzards are doing the right thing...Dixon will be better than anyone thinks and Jefferies will get a year to learn behind Mike.... Kwame is supposed to be a Sophmore in college it took Jermain O'Neil 4 years to get off the bench. Anyone remember how much difference Chris Wilcox made in his freshman season compared to his sophmore???

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The team is being built the right way.

We just need patience.... like we have had for the past 20 plus years.

Can you imagine this team in 2 years with a 7 ft Kwame battle tested at power forward paired with Haywood and a filled out point forward Jared jeffries?

All three kids can run, Simmons can backup at Small forward shooting guard and we have the speedy Dixon.

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