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Media does just not add up


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Having an opinion is one thing, people are always going to disagree on almost anything.....to be honest hearing people bash the skins with the moves they make in the off season does not really bother me, if they feel that way that is fine.....however what just does not make sense is how they say how they are tired of Snyder spending all this money to sign big marquee players, how he just wastes money, and I understand that.......but then they come out this off season and complain with how they did not spend enough money to sign guys like Pierce and Smoot.......both are great players, did wonders for the skins, and would be great to have on the team coming into this season......I feel however like he is in a no win situation, if he pays them to stay you are going to hear non stop opinions from analysts at that four letter network and on the post about him over paying those guys..........

Anways.......who do you guys think are the top five anti-redskin analysts?

Number one would be that analyst from the four letter network whose name I will not mention, so fat and ugly they only let him do reports on their website.......once and a while he sneaks on tv, only at 3am though, not suitable for young kids to see (they would be dramatized for the rest of their lives). Everyone else can be considered tied for a distant second………

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That got me all worked up, wanted to use Sally as an example:

2-Sally Jenkins-You never heard one word when Steve Spurr was brought in by Snyder about being a bad move, maybe some people said questionable especially because Snyder paid him so much (that is his money, in no way does that hurt the team regarding the cap and people who said it was bad because it raised the amount other owners would be expected to dish out I say BS; media is always saying how coaches in the NFL are critical, and should get paid more especially in comparison to what the players get now)......back to Sally, did anyone see her column right after Spurrs was fired, she said Snyder was the worse thing that happened to the skins, no way he could do good for DC......then he brought in Gibbs......no playoffs in the end, but that addition gave us a much better season then what Sally said was in our future......and no way Gibbs comes back with any other owner who would not have even tried remotely as hard.

I could not find that article on the post.com, but I found a great example, in this article she talks about how bad our draft picks have been in the past 3 yrs,


Her evidence is that we have drafted 17 players and only three of them start (assuming Ramsey, Taylor and Cooley, I guess she doesn’t note guys like Smoot who started for us but became to expensive to keep). At the end she points to Eagles as being a great draft team, and yes they have, she points to the fact that from their 24 picks 6 are starters….that is only two more then the skins with 7 more picks to work with??? From a lot of the picks we have traded away have brought in starters like a pro bowl running back named Portis (don’t count Bailey because he would not have stayed here anyways)….she is just a perfect example of why I am so frustrated with so many members of the media…….they take stories regarding the skins, put in facts that argue for their story and leave out the ones that go against it…….if there is information to back your story great, but also give the other side of the story…..give you opinion, that is fine, but let the reader have the information on the whole story to make their own opinion……

Am I wrong? Anyone can have an opinion, and more and more that is what is in sports reporting, opinion after opinion not something you can say ok he really knows what he is talking about…….it is the real good analysts/reporters who back it up with facts/reason on every angle concerning the story…..

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