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I wonder if the Skins will actually have THEIR retro jerseys for the first home game. I can hear it now:

"Ladies and gentlemen ... NEXT year Washington will be wearing special home uniforms to mark the 71st year of franchise history."


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The very best movie trailers -- both teaser trailers (which are typically less than 1 or 2 minutes) and theatrical trailers (which are typically 2 minutes or longer) -- pique your interest and tell a quick, effective story that adequately sets up the premise of the movie without giving away too much information about its narrative.

Unfortunately, however, the T3 teaser trailer, like far too many teasers today, performs neither function. The Warner Bros. logo morphs into liquid metal, blows apart, and then reforms into the T3 ad logo -- which is a rather boxy and clunky looking item that isn't nearly as cool as the sleek, rounded-edged logo for T2).

Well, what can I say, Warner Bros.? Woo-woo. I'm really impressed. Not.

Ironically enough, to see an infinitely better teaser trailer, look no further than T2's, which is the best teaser trailer ever made, in my view. (To see the best theatrical trailer ever produced, look no further than the one for The Abyss, the Citizen Kane of theatrical trailers, in my estimation.) [For best results, right click on movie-list.com's links to these trailers and choose the "Save Target As..." option. Otherwise, you'll be waiting around for a geologic eon for these trailers to load and play in your browser.]

I wish I could get excited about T3. I really do. But I can't. I dearly loved the first two movies, but I feel that T3 will most likely be a huge disappointment. Firstly, Arnold really seems to have lost it as a viable action movie star, and his last 3 or 4 films are damning evidence of this. Aside from being being uniformly poorly written, what really sinks Arnie's recent cinematic output is, well, Arnie himself. The guy's no spring chicken anymore, and after undergoing heart surgery several years back he looks tired and wan, his once chiseled, Incredible Hulk-like physique having now noticeably atrophied, as he goes through the motions in uninspired junk like End of Days and The 6th Day. Secondly, the creative team behind the new Terminator film includes director Jonathan Mostow, who has two serviceable but less-than-stellar big budget thrillers to his credit, Breakdown and U-571, and the screenwriting duo of John D. Brancato & Michael Ferris, whose script work has ranged from the ridiculous (the laughable 1995 Sandra Bullock vehicle The Net) to the sublime (1997's delightfully unpredictable anti-thriller The Game).

In short, none of the aforementioned filmmakers, either individually or cumulatively, are even one-tenth as talented as writer-director James Cameron, the man behind T3's two magnificent predecessors. If Cameron had seen fit to make a third Terminator film, that would've been something to get excited about. Sadly, however, Cameron has no involvement whatsoever with the third installment of the film series that he created, which is, ultimately, T3's loss.

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