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How did John "Mother" Dunn get his nickname?


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First off, does your sig come in a poster size? That is a great picture. Is it available to purchase online?

As to the question, I'm not sure who gave him the name. I'm assuming it's because he's always nagging the guys to work out - just like a mother.

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During his playing days at Penn State, Dunn acquired a nickname that sticks to this day.

As the story goes: Inside the Penn State locker room there’s a portrait of the first-ever All-American football player at Penn State, William Thomas Dunn (1881-1962). William Thomas Dunn was nicknamed “Mother” when he was freshman class president at Penn State. One day as he was leading his class across campus, somebody shouted, “There goes Mother Dunn and his chickens.” The nickname stuck.

Although they are not related, when John Dunn arrived at Penn State as a freshman in 1975, his teammates stuck the same nickname to him. Dunn would later use the name recognition as part of a health club he opened in York, Pa.: Mother Dunn’s Nautilus Club.

“Then when I came to the Redskins [in 1984], there were quite a few Penn Staters on the roster and they only knew me as ‘Mother,’” Dunn laughed. “So from my whole young adult life on, I’ve been known as ‘Mother Dunn.’”

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