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Driving to Ocean City from NOVA Friday afternoon...


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Originally posted by Mooney

Watch out for the bridge cops. They sit on the Kent Island side of the Bay Bridge and nail you as soon as you get over. Everybody is so happy to get through the backup and they getcha.

State troopers are usually set up:

1. past the Kent Narrows bridge in the median and under the overpasses

2. right at the 301-50 split

3. in Easton before you enter the town

4. right outside of Salsbury before the bypass

5. and right before the exit to OC.

Good luck.

Also watch jsut when you come over the bridge in Cambridge, and really anywhere from Cambridge to OC in the median...

we went down memorial day and between Salisbury and OC there were 3 seperate speed traps, and in one the cop was in a cherry picker with radar.

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My wife and I are heading up to Bethany Beach (close to OC) from Richmond this Friday. We always go down to Norfolk and then head up the Eastern Shore (of VA) - it's SO much faster than trying to plod through the DC and bridge traffic. Even so we are trying to get on the road before 9am just to be safe.

I know that isn't necessarily a viable option for those in NoVa, but you could always catch the ferry over in the Northern Neck.

It's going to be brutal no matter what, I predict...

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