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Closest you've come to death


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Best comment I ever saw about seat belts was a letter to the editor, talking about mandatory seat belt laws.

The author states that he'd been an EMT for 27 years.

And in 27 years, he's never transported, in his abmulance, a patient who was wearing a seat belt. (He's had some folks wearing belts who died, but either they were killed, or they walked away under their own power.)

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Two come to mind for me.

First was a night a buddy of mine and I were riding in my '65

Mustang. We had been drinking a lot. Coming down this

road in Poquoson, he told me to punch it...which I did.

We were coming to an intersection and I knew I couldn't stop

in time so when got there just cut the wheel hard as I could

to the right. Here comes a bus down the road and when I

turned and car straighten, we were inches from the bus.

A few seconds difference by either of us and it would have been

lights out.

Second time was when a friend of mine wanted me to help him

take his boat from railway in Poquoson to Small Boat Harbor

in Newport News for clam season in James River. About 8 or 10 other work boats were making the same trip and we left together.

When we rounded Old Point Comfort and into Hampton Roads by

the tunnel, a storm hit. It tossed his '45 work boat around like

a twig. The washboards dipped into the water several times.

We kept the boat into the wind and finally road it out. I just knew we would sink or capsize.

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