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Any good online book clubs????


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A couple of years ago i belonged to the Military Book Club and was somewhat satisfied with it. It was a hassle sending all the books back that i didn't want. It didn't cost me anything but its just sucked.

That and i felt that there just wasn't anything out there more that interested me. Now i am thinking about joining the History Book Club but don't want the same headache.

Are there any good book clubs that are going to cost me an arm and a leg and wont have me at the post office every two weeks?

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I was thinking we should start one on here, a political book club...so the lefties could read conservative books and vice versa. i'm sure it would be pretty funny to see Larry ****ing about what he read in the latest michael savage book or Sarge complaining about an Al Franken book. But no, we're all too stuck in our ways to consider doing something like that...

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