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Has anyone here been to Alltel Stadium in Jax?

I'm working on getting tickets to the game on Nov. 10 over the net and am running into an incredible price range. I'm talking $70 per to nearly $500 for field level!!

I don't know the stadium at all, so my question is, do you get a decent view of the game from the upper levels or do you have to take out a second mortgage to get decent seats to see the game?

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Report: The Skins/Jags game @ Alltell:

(Regular-season game, I think two years ago).

At this time of the year, the Jags are only selling season tickets. Around Aug 1st, they began selling tickets for game packages. The package I got had tickets for the Skins game, and a preseason game against Pittsburg. (I enjoyed the note from the Jags ticket office, thanking me for my support against Pittsburg. Aparantly, they don't notice which tickets don't get picked up). Tickets are available from TicketMaster. (No need to drive to Jax to buy them). Price was $90 (total for two games).

(Some of the packages had three games in them, and cost more. With Steve coaching, I'd expect it to be more, this year). (I understand single-game tickets went on sale sometime later, so it may not be necessary to get multiple tickets to go to one game. But I wouldn't be suprised if this game has more demand than most).

Arrive in Jax around 10:00 on game day. The stadium itself is in a run-down neighborhood of old houses, ship docks, and factories, but the high-priced riverfront downtown area is only a mile or so to the west. I decide to eat lunch there.

The mall shows a suprising number of Skins fans. One group winds up at a table next to me in the restaurant. I ask where they got a particular Skins shirt. They say there's a fan store in the mall, but the owner's wailing that he wasn't prepared for all the Skins fans, and everybody's sold out.

Head for the game a few hours before kickoff. All the paved parking near the stadium seems to be pre-sold (I assume to season ticket holders), but there are plenty of people nearby willing to let you park in their back yard (I hope it was their back yard), just be prepared to hike. (It's not the fanciest neighborhood, so I was a little woried about my insurance. But, nothing happened to my car).

My ticket was on the 50, but about 20 rows from the top. I don't think there are any bad seats, but I do think that they sell the lower rows to season ticket holders, then sell higher rows, later. Don't expect the guys on the bench to be able to hear you yell.

Turns out, since the upper rows were sold to single-ticket sales, there's a kind of "Redskins section" filling the top 20 rows or so, all the way around the stadium. I'm in the front row of this section. There's a Skins couple from Jax next to me.

The teams both have flashes of good and bad luck. Both teams occasionally make big plays, but also seem to three-and-out a lot. The Skins seem to be lucky more often, though, and move out to a lead. A few deep balls get caught, and a few more get mis-thrown or something. There's a lot of punting (and I'm very Norvous when we're kicking or recieving).

I tell the guy next to me that I wish we were running the ball more. We're leading, but both teams are very hot-and-cold. I'd like to see a good, long, grind-it-out series.

We take the ball, and on the second or so play, complete a deep pass for another touchdown. (Lead's now about 14 points, late 3rd or so). I tell the guy next to me "Damn. This is just ruining our time-of-posession stats". He laughs.

The guy next to me observes a large number of people wearing teal heading for the exits, and begins taunting them: "G'wan! Beat the traffic!". I point out we're only up by 14, and Norv can still blow this game. Haven't these people seen any of our previous games? The guy agrees, quietly. (And keeps taunting).

All in all, I don't think there's as great an experience as going into another team's stadium, taking over a section, and, in effect, making it yours. Watching the other team's fans abandon their own territory in the third quarter is almost as great as walking down the ramps at the end of the game, singing "Hail to the Redskins".

(Don't know how much of the great experience is due to the venue, and how much is due to the victory. But, I'm going back, this year).

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RF4L... I have been to the stadium. I live about 45 minutes north of Jacksonville, but know the city pretty well. Let me know where you are staying, and I'll help you get there.

One thing they do on game day, and unless you want to tailgate, it will save you time, is offer a shuttle service. Larry was right, if you want to park near the stadium, you will pay $20 to walk 5 blocks or so. I park at Sam's Club, and ride the bus. It costs $7 parking is free, and you get a return trip.

The stadium is pretty nice, prices are pretty high for food and drinks, but the locals are friendly. I came dressed in my Art Monk jersey, and I got a couple of complements from Jags fans. One lady told me he was her all time favorite player. I did have a fear of having hotdogs smoothered in crap thrown at me, on my white jersey no less, but they were good. Then again I wasn't making an *** out of myself.

Get your tickets early, or else you probably won't get them. Just a hunch here. I have lived near Jax now for almost 9 years and during that time, I have found very little if any Skins apparel... not anymore... Saw the "Got Spurrier?" shirt, as well as key chains, hats, other shirts, license plates, etc... at the mall the other day. There are lots of U of F fans and alumni here, so it will probably be sold out because of the faithfull wanting to see the "Ball Coach". BTW They even had Bruce Smith jerseys for sale. Deion I could understand with the FSU connection, but Bruce? I digress... Nov 10 should be fairly nice, but be forewarned it can get really hot down here even in Nov.

Like I said, let me know where abouts you will be staying, general area, and I will see if I can't help get you where you need to go. I hope to be at the game myself. Last time I saw the Skins Chief guy.. the old black dude that dresses up as the indian. Got to shake his hand when his body guard/escort pointed me out to him... even the Jags fan I was sitting with shook his hand.


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Good posts Larry and DeFunky.

I always enjoy the personnel experience posts about trips into enemy territory. It would be cool to save these and others in a common place so we could pull up any stadium in the league and read about what it's like there.

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