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Hey folks. I was on a motorcycle site about a month ago. I thought I bookmarked it, but I guess I didn't. I've used a few search engines, but can't find it after looking for hours.

I was told that there's a way to view everything you have viewed on you computer from the net, but I'm clueless on where on the computer to look. He said it's like an internet log with the date time and net addy.

Any help is welcome.

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I am guessing you are thinking of the Temporary Internet Files Folder in C:\Windows\Temp\Temporary Internet Files. That is the typical location of the folder, unless you have an odd configuration. You have to sort through all the junk.

However, the contents of the folder can be deleted by many methods so you have to check to make sure the contents are still there.

Note: I am assuming you have checked the history folder in Internet Explorer which contains links to recently viewed web pages. This folder deletes links at a default time of 20 days.

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