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OT.......espn assessment of draft......


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Washington Wizards

Round 1: Jared Jeffries, 6-10, PF, Indiana (No. 11)

Round 1: Juan Dixon, 6-3, PG, Maryland (No. 17)

Round 2: Rod Grizzard, 6-8, SG, Alabama (No. 39)

Round 2: Juan Navarro, 6-4, PG, Spain (No. 40)

Deals: Traded Courtney Alexander to New Orleans for No. 17 pick (Juan Dixon).

Michael Jordan got that "big" small forward he coveted here. Jeffries is smart, fundamentally sound and can play both the three and the four spots on the floor. The Wizards won't have the growing pains they experienced with Kwame Brown, but they won't have the upside either. Juan Dixon is a real stretch at No. 17. They wanted Jiri Welsch and may have panicked a bit. He isn't the answer to their point guard woes. Rod Grizzard was a steal in the second round and Juan Navarro has some upside down the road. All in all, an inconsistent draft.

Grade: B-

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poor Wizards.

every year they try and trade for Andre Miller at draft time and continue to get stiffed by the Cavs.

meanwhile other teams like Dallas, Sacramento and the Knicks are able to make trades and moves in FA almost at will.

I am still stupified by the fact the Wizards and Lakers had similar records in the mid-1990's and yet a couple of years later the Lakers had O'Neal and Bryant while the Wizards were left with Mitch Richmond and Otis Thorpe for Chris Webber, and Rod Strickland for Rasheed Wallace.

You don't trade big for small, at least not if the big man has talent :)

And you don't trade big and young for small and old unless you are a player away from a title and already have established starters at the #4 and #5 :)

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Dickie V said "How about a salute to the Washington Wizards! Michael Jordan, Wes Unseld and company did themselves proud by taking Jared Jeffries and Juan Dixon. Both have talent, a winner's mentality and superb character. They should be a great asset as Washington drives for a playoff berth next season."

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dookie V needs to quit anylyzing the pro game. The man is absolutely absurd. He said that the Rockets should trade Steve Francis to accomodate the arrival of Jay Williams. What a hack. I am not a Wizards fan, but if I was I would be truly disapointed with what turns out to be a trade of CA for Juan Dixon. I love Dixon as a college player but most NBA people felt that he was mid-second round at best.

Dick Vitale needs to get back to giving Coach K hummers!

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Well now bulldog, it doesn't hurt when one of the dominant players in the league decides that he wants to play for the Lakers and doesn't even allow other teams to approach him.

Real tough work for Jerry West back then.

Shaq "I would love to goto LA and play for the Lakers"

A science is born.

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