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Nemo...#4 on depth chart

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I am living in Charleston, SC, home to Citadel football.

I was talking Skins last night at a local bar, and the bouncer mentioned he was good friends w/ Nemo (Nehemiah Broughton), and talks w/ him frequently. Apparently, Nemo stated he is in the #4 spot in the depth chart as a tailback.

I thought this was post-able. If this is the case, who would be the #3 spot? Rock C? White?


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That sounds about right. I think Rock is number 3 right now. I think White is going for the HB role. Thanks for the news... it'll be an interesting battle but i think Nemo will find his way on the Practice Squad.

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the Redskins will have two tailbacks in Portis and Betts and the other players including White and Broughton will fill in as short-yardage rushers, h-backs, and special teams regulars as the staff sees fit.

I don't think the depth chart behind Betts at RB is especially important right now in terms of where these guys stand.

White seems to have more promise as a counter-balance inside rusher and short-yardage guy.

Rock is a guy the team supposedly tries to replace each summer and yet he manages to make the final roster every year :)

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