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Computer geeks help~audio bible isn't working

Coach Williams

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This is crazy......

I'm on this site:


each one of those is a file that you can open or save and listen to the bible....

When I open it up my default player is winamp.

I click PLAY and basically it just sits there.....

on the NOW PLAYING screen it flys through the list trying to find a valid file.

I thought.....ok fine...I'll download it and listen to it with the 1/2 dozen other players I have.....

nope.....that didn't work either.....

is there a secret I'm missing out on here??

My Father uses this thing all the time on real player but if that works then any other one should right?

a little help?:(

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*trying quicktime*


edit:...ok....nope that didn't do anything.....

when I opened the file it asked if I

~want to OPEN with default player

~open with _______. in this case quicktime

~or save to disk

I Opened the file with quicktime and nothing popped up......I tried over and over nothing.....

I tried with IE also

IE uses winamp as default and we already determined that doesn't work

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