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Twas the Friday before memorial Day, and all through the office..

E-Dog Night

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Not a person was working

Not even the boss

The plans were made for the weekend with care,

in hopes that 5pm soon would be there

The workers were restless all up in their halls,

with visions of beachcombing and shopping in malls

And girls in skirts, and I in my jeans,

had just settled our brains for vacation scenes

When up in my inbox arose a new note,

I sprang from my chair with glee and some hope

Away to my monitor screen I flew like a flash,

tore open the email, like envelpoes with cash

Ok that 's as such as I can muster. Suffice to say that no one is getting any work done in the office - it's a three day weekend and I'm hoping for an email that says "everyone -- leave early! Have a great weekend!" They might as well let us go, because everyone is visiting everyone else's office, and no one is doing jack squat.

Alas, it's 4:30, so i don't think that's going to happen.

Have a good weekend everyone! Enjoy it!

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Hell, I have a full day of work tomorrow like every Saturday, and the shop is normally closed on Mondays so I get beat on that deal too.:( Put in oner 10 hours today...............

To make matters worse, I'm on a job that my manager has put off for weeks and it has to go by Tuesday morning no later then 10:00. If I can't get it done tomorrow, I'll be working Sunday to finish it up for a pizz ant 17 year old rich kid who abused the bike, blew the engine up, and his daddy has threatened to sue us if it's not done tuesday.

Some weekend:doh:

Have a great weekend all.

Have a brew for me, and pray to the motorcycle gods to look favorably on my hands, and let this friggin engine go together easily tomorrow.


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