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  1. Guessing he is gushing over Jayden. But did he offer Jayden 5mil to transfer to Alabama???
  2. I’m probably going to watch on ESPN in the event we take Maye and Kiper has a stroke. But if we pick Daniels, I’ll probably throw my bourbon glass through the TV and that will be all she wrote for me…
  3. That really looks like the guy I want leading my franchise for the next 15 years….🤦‍♂️
  4. Dude, watch his game against Georgia from this season. He can sling it! I think he is a very natural thrower of the ball. Kind of reminds me of the slower, slightly weaker armed version of Caleb.
  5. My final rankings 1. Caleb 2. Maye 3. JJ 4. Penix 5. Rattler 6. Nix 7. Daniels I want Maye. But honestly give me anyone but Daniels and I’ll be happy.
  6. Watching Jayden’s all passes/runs from 2023 for like the 5th time because I’m genuinely trying to find something to be happy about in the event he is our pick Thursday night. But the 3 things that are jumping out to me now are: 1. He has so many perfect pockets and all day to throw on most downs. 2. When he does get pressured or the pocket breaks down, he is not good at navigating the pocket hence the high pressure to sack ratio. 3. For a “running” qb, he is really bad at throwing on the run. It’s like he is too stiff and can’t open his hips to make a good throw. And he doesn’t have the arm strength to throw off platform.
  7. He literally said the same thing about Daniels when he was going over the QBs with Colt! There is very little anticipation throws with Daniels.
  8. Honestly at this point I hope they just draft Daniels so I can stop torturing myself rooting for this team every week.
  9. I think this is the guy reporting it. I’ve tried watching some of his videos but he is kind of a tool.
  10. I’m in the same boat. I just don’t see it with Jayden from an arm talent perspective. It boggles my mind how there are so many former coaches/players that I respect, have him as their #2 qb. Yes, he is an electric runner, but I’m just not impressed with the throws that he completes. It’s just so many hitches and fades with hardly any tight window throws. And yes, I have watched every pass of his from last year multiple times! I just watched all of McCarthy’s passes and runs from last year and I have to admit, I’m kind of warming up to him. Definitely prefer him now compared to Jayden. Dude is really accurate and mechanically sound. I know he didn’t throw a ton last year, but he completed so many NFL caliber throws in tight windows! My only concern with him is that it seems like he only has 1 speed for his passes; so many laser beams! If he can incorporate some touch passes, he pretty much has everything you would want in a starting qb. I think my final qb rankings will be: 1. Caleb 2a. Drake 2b. McCarthy 4. Jayden 5. Penix 6. Nix
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