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  1. “Biggest thing is we have to move forward from this and make sure everybody understands we have policies that we will follow and that we have an open door policy with no retribution,” Rivera said, via Ben Standig of TheAthletic.com. “Plus my daughter works for the team and I sure as hell am not going to allow any of this!" I dont understand how anyone would think this is a bad statement. I guess its cool to white knight and cherry pick articles now in the the New Normal State of America
  2. damn i left for 2 quarters and napkins is out wtf lmao
  3. shame we never got to find out what he was capable of with another year under The Big Manusky
  4. hey do u guys remember preston smith? i think i do
  5. wowzers.....i think i need a new television....or a cable provider....
  6. plannin a hat trick with danica patrick NICK CANNON'S FANTASTIC
  7. hey it was 14-0 last week. #WayTooManyNapkins lets go dwayne
  8. i dont feel confident this defense is stopping them outside of maybe a couple drives here and there lol
  9. yeah im not sure about every single tie breaker i just know if dallas finishes 7-9 they would definitely have the best division record in a tie, which im pretty sure would overrule unless most recent head to head is taken into consideration or something. but yeah, if skins dont beat green bay its all over anyway, and then from there they might as well just go 3-13 lmao.
  10. redskins have to win out. period dallas is 4-0 in the division, so they cant win another game this year (which is entirely possible). the eagles can go 2-2 but they have to lose to the giants on top of losing to the redskins.
  11. aaaahahaha we ended rivera Manusky is amazing isnt he
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