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  1. Blind Reckoning

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    I'm not taking it back that far and yeah he's no Jordan Reed but just going back to 2016 look at the games missed (4 in 16)(6 in 17)(3 in 18) and yeah since we wouldn't be talking about it otherwise what 7 or 8 games this season that are on Trent? That's not including games he left early in which there were a few. I think it was two seasons ago the line actually performed better when Ty Nsekhe was in there at LT. As far as playing hurt he was getting paid as the best LT in the NFL and as the contract matured still as one of the best..not as a injured player still playing hard/decent. Personally I'm not sure why we treat Players differently from say your avg Joe Plumber. Say the plumber slips on the job laying pipe in a ditch and messes up his leg. He trys to work through the pain but takes twice as long as he would if healthy to finish jobs. He's allowed to answer the phone in the office until he heals because he couldn't survive on workman's comp (real story btw)(IE Trent still getting his full contract). Although he's a heck of a nice guy and he pushes through the pain and trys his best while injured is he earning the money he's making as far as the known expectations when he was offered the job and salaries negotiated? No. Accidents/injuries happen....getting old happens.Was Trent still a great LT who tried hard? Sure when he played. We all live in a what have you done for me lately world and except for 15 when he got the record extension ...since then (gag on it all you want) in my opinion he hasn't lived up to his contract. I still really like Trent but you and me are not the ones paying him. Sadly Dan Snyder is the owner. He pays out the contracts and by what he's allowing Bruce Allen to get by with in this situation with Trent...Trent must not be performing to his expectations. I'll leave it there.
  2. Blind Reckoning

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    I mean Trent hasn't earned the money he's already been given ....given among other things the many games he's been absent before this season. He has more than enough money to have saught a second opinion if he was that worried about the growth (and he should have been that worried). This though is a case of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". Although I don't agree completely with where Trent's coming from I hope he succeeds as one of the best mouthpieces we have for Bruce Allen's ousta atm.
  3. Blind Reckoning

    Next Coach?

    Obviously Allen's got to go for any decent candidate for GM or coach to come here and timing is everything but I've always wondered. Neither GM nor coaches contracts count against the cap. Average head coaches contracts are around 10 to 12 million. Why not throw 15 to 20 million per year at a upper elchalon coach. Same with setting a new precident with a Gm's salary. It's Snyder's money and he can afford to pay it. So what if their may be a NFL Owners "gentlemans" agreement. The benchmark may be raised across the league because of it but that's after we get our GM and our head coach for the future.
  4. Blind Reckoning

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Of course best case scenario Trent reports week one or he gets traded for a first +. But does anyone know off hand what the cap implications are for us per game/per season if he continues to hold out?
  5. Blind Reckoning

    Case Keenum antisocial?

    Could just be the days I went but I never remember Cousins making the rounds or signing so Im used to it. Would love to get Morelands though. Think he's gonna be a baller for us.
  6. Blind Reckoning

    Mason Foster released

    Took a couple days to release Swearinger when he disrespected the staff.....took about 9...10 months to release Foster when he disrespected the fanbase. Not to even say they dumped Foster for that reason even though they dumped Swearinger for that very reason. No wonder the Skins are outa the top ten most valuable franchises (and I'm sure dropping fast). They don't value the fans. Sad.
  7. Blind Reckoning

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread" Worth a try. Im out in San Antonio trying to get the game and this is working ATM. Try vipleague home page if the link doesn't work. It's streaming channel 11 out of Baltimore.