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  1. Ron seems like a good guy. Jay was a good guy. Ron's approach is definitely a bit more sound but having more of a track record he has the leeway to do it exactly how he wants to do it. I'm optimistic and honestly it's not realistic not to expect improvement. Having watched this team since 83 there's a patience. How much improvement? How long that takes? I'm not just watching to see if anyone keels over from the Kool aid I want to know it taste great too.
  2. I hate that I'm laughing at the dude but I can't stop.
  3. "The whole is greater than the sum of the parts". Need to use the phrase 1st round.....2nd round football player instead of .....talent because talent is indeed just a part of the whole. The only one that gets to put that round title on him/them is the team that drafted them. Period. I have hope for Saahdiq but he was picked exactly where he was supposed to be. As far a getting a steal a lot of thieves past on him.
  4. The only reason I would have bucked on Ron and Kyle's draft is if they hadn't of taken Chase Young absent a trade down. You either have to have full trust in them seemingly working in tandem or it's the same ole we have experienced for years. We are not one year away......TE class was weak....cornerback so-so. Taking the best available in the draft should always be the way to go... especially this year...filling in needs through free agency. We got alot of players on the roster already that if used better could be better. As coach said let's see how they mesh. If we still need a TE let's hope
  5. Id hate to miss out having more shots in a deep wr class but still would rather have the higher picks next year. Not too concerned about their not being a normal college season.
  6. Simple statement. Basically your talking outa both ends and that's truly gag worthy. Nothing's changed since Dec besides your opinion it seems. Go back and read your whole speal. Spin it all you want. ConnSKINS26 Posted December 7, 2019  This is just absolute gag-worthy horse****, and another example of how these billionaires have somehow managed to convince fans to side with them over the millionaire at best players on
  7. I'm not taking it back that far and yeah he's no Jordan Reed but just going back to 2016 look at the games missed (4 in 16)(6 in 17)(3 in 18) and yeah since we wouldn't be talking about it otherwise what 7 or 8 games this season that are on Trent? That's not including games he left early in which there were a few. I think it was two seasons ago the line actually performed better when Ty Nsekhe was in there at LT. As far as playing hurt he was getting paid as the best LT in the NFL and as the contract matured still as one of the best..not as a injured player still playing hard/decent. Personall
  8. I mean Trent hasn't earned the money he's already been given ....given among other things the many games he's been absent before this season. He has more than enough money to have saught a second opinion if he was that worried about the growth (and he should have been that worried). This though is a case of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". Although I don't agree completely with where Trent's coming from I hope he succeeds as one of the best mouthpieces we have for Bruce Allen's ousta atm.
  9. Obviously Allen's got to go for any decent candidate for GM or coach to come here and timing is everything but I've always wondered. Neither GM nor coaches contracts count against the cap. Average head coaches contracts are around 10 to 12 million. https://www.boydsbets.com/highest-paid-coaches-nfl/ Why not throw 15 to 20 million per year at a upper elchalon coach. Same with setting a new precident with a Gm's salary. It's Snyder's money and he can afford to pay it. https://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/nfl-team-owners-from-richer-to-richest/ So what if their may be a NFL Owners "gentlema
  10. Of course best case scenario Trent reports week one or he gets traded for a first +. But does anyone know off hand what the cap implications are for us per game/per season if he continues to hold out?
  11. https://www.vipleague.lc/3-baltimore-ravens-vs-washington-redskins-live-streaming. Worth a try. Im out in San Antonio trying to get the game and this is working ATM. Try vipleague home page if the link doesn't work. It's streaming channel 11 out of Baltimore.
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