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  1. Found this one. I would have Redwolves all in one color, probably gold like they have always done. Could do without the claw marks. HTTR
  2. We are 100% certain that there will not be any NA imagery or theme. This has been decided along with keeping the colors. These are the two things that are certain. I would still prefer Warriors with the 1968 style uniform using a Spartan style spear logo on the helmet rather than the arrow. A gold ribbon could replace the feather. 1. Warriors 2. Redwolves 3. Sentinals HTTR
  3. While your at it. Maybe only one Burgundy color? The darker one. My personal preference is the darker Burgundy and true gold like you have used here. Great work. HTTR 1. Warriors - go with the 60's throwback unis with a Spartan style spear 2. Redwolves - 60's color scheme or current with nice logo. Like the one below. 3. Sentinals - go with the 60's throwback unis with a Spartan style spear 4. Werewolves ?
  4. I really dont see the problem with using Red due to that being in the old name, and in the first part of the old name. This obviously would make transitioning to a new name easier, regardless of what follows it. I like the fact that the Red Wolf is at least a real animal. But I have to admit even if it was fictitious like a Seahawk I would be ok with it. My personal list is: 1. Warriors 2. Redwolves 3. Sentinels I was born in DC proper but raised in Ft. Worth, TX since I was 7. I am 53 and raised both of my boys as Redskins fans. We are all sad with the name change b
  5. If it were up to me, but it is not. 1. Warriors - I would push this to the limit and just deal with it. Any press is good press? Throwback 60's style uni's with Spartan spear and yellow ribbon on the helmet. I know. 2. Redwolves - same unis with updated logo or current unis with updated logo. No stripes on the helmet. I had been wanting that for years. 3. Sentinals - same as Redwolves. Pick the unis and update the logo. For 2021 though I would like them to update something. The number on the helmet AND shoulder is too much. It is redundant. I had hoped DS would put it to
  6. Arkansas State is Red Wolves. Not much difference but I do prefer the one word version if chosen, Redwolves. Capital W doesnt bother if styled that way. 1. Warriors 2. Redwolves 3. Sentinels HTTR
  7. If they wanted to pass on the mascot and sound old-timey then Washington Maroons or Washington Burgundys of which both are moronic but better than Football Team. I dont know what people were thinking in the old days. HTTR
  8. How do you figure? It is not like Seahawks which dont actually exist. A red wolf is an actual species of wolf. Is it the choice over gray wolf due to the fact that red is in the name AND this wolf is / was found in the Eastern (and South Central) United States? Of course. My vote would be for Warriors, Redwolves, Sentinals. HTTR
  9. I would now after reading DCdangerous' dissertation. This is fascinating and would allow Redskins fans to see the mythical transition from death back to life of our beloved team mascot. I like it, but I also like Redwolves, much better than Wolves. 1. Warriors 2. Redwolves 3. Sentinals HTTR
  10. What do you mean "even if", this is a fact, it happened. And that is the reason that some people continue to do it. Because somehow it became popular for one organization a long time ago and has continued. It is not an occurrence for other franchises. Nobody says the Arizona Football Cardinals. I dont remember hearing that when both played in St. Louis. I just dont see happening with another franchise. It is a New York Football Giants thing. Like J E T S, Jets Jets Jets. They dont even say San Francisco Baseball Giants. HTTR
  11. I believe this anomaly in the NY name is due to the fact that many many years ago NY had both a football and baseball team both called the Giants. Pretty common back in the day. Boston had the Braves (football and baseball). The football team moved to DC and the baseball team moved to Atlanta. The baseball Giants moved to San Francisco. So I dont think our team will be referred to as the Washington Football Warriors. 1. Warriors 2. Redwolves 3. Sentinels Prefer the 60's color scheme throwbacks with darker burgundy and true gold but the current colors are cool too. War
  12. I forgot to mention that option. I would be in for LT Brown trade but no more than a second. Maybe 3rd this year and 4th next. Give him Scherffs money. HTTR
  13. I agree. I am hopeful that they come to their senses and trade him. I find it hard to believe that another team will not give 2nd for him (at least a 3rd). I would rather have a 3rd this year and move on then play him, let him walk only to get a comp 3rd (maybe) the following year. A high second rounder gives them flexibility in the draft obviously. #19 Darrisaw / Jenkins 2nd round - Wyatt Davis G Ohio St. 2nd round - Jabril Cox 3rd round - Caden Sterns 3rd round - Dyami Brown / Davis Mills or #19 LB - JOK or Collins 2nd round - Wyatt Davis G Ohio
  14. www.washingtonjourney.com Let your voice be heard and your opinion known. I know that they cant make all of us happy with the new name but we can not stay as WFT. This would be so disappointing to live with. I just dont see how this could be the choice. They are taking suggestions through April 5th, 2021. Even if you dont have a suggestion at least let it be known that WFT is not acceptable. My choices, all with burgundy / gold (preferably 1960's style but current is good too), no stripes on helmets. Warriors Redwolves Sentinels HTTR
  15. That is worse than the Minnesota Wild. Sorry. Warriors - 60's uniforms with spear on the helmet Redwolves - update current uniforms with wolf in the circle / actually would prefer all uniforms to go back to the 60's style and colors. Sentinals - 60's uniforms with spear on the helmet HTTR
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