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  1. so apprently jones said hes hands are fast as vitors. If his game plan is to trade punches with vitor. Than i can see jones getting knocked out, Just look at how fast vitors hands are in this knockout http://mmarecaptv.com/video/L9GKvWNod3k/Vitor-Belfort-Tribute.html
  2. I dont know about that. Daniels striking is very unique and almost looks identical to fedors striking. http://mmarecaptv.com/video/7N3hHpZioO4/Daniel-Cormier-the-heavy-hitter-highlight.html
  3. What do you guys think about bringing in daniel Cormier to UFC to fight dos santos for the belt? He looks beast. I think he can even come to ufc and drop to light heavyweight and take on jon jones. Hes olympic wrestler and his striking is more refined then jon jones. Anyone catch the title fight where he dominated barnett? http://mmarecaptv.com/video/bmjzA7q7ZuM/Strikeforce-Barnett-vs-Cormier-1.html
  4. I think hendo will out strike jones. But he will prob get tapped out by one of jones vicious guillotine.
  5. you herd about how sonnen try to play it off like he didnt know the rules. He said he thought he won the fight since he won 4 out of the 5 rounds lolz http://mmarecaptv.com/video/P88g9GR3NZs/Jim-Rome-interviews-Chael-Sonnen-5-14-2012-mp4.html watch from 4:23
  6. http://mmarecaptv.com/video/dBGqVGQGjBw/UFC-148-Anderson-Silva-VS-Chael-Sonnen-2-Trailer.html its crazy how confident sonnen is against anderson. Hes basically saying hes a champ and hes giving anderson a shot at his belt in this video lol wtf
  7. LOL mayweathers own father thought de la hoya won. You must have been smoking something if you thought the fight wasnt close. De la hoya would have won for sure if he didnt start getting so tired and slow in the later rounds. The whole fight floyd was running around like a girl and ducking.
  8. Lets no go their now. I remember clearly, oscar de la hoya beating mayweather but judes gave it to floyd. Within a year pacman knocks out de la hoya. Pacman struggled his whole career with marquez. I dont think this fight defines the outcome of his fight against mayweather.
  9. Average Carwins fight last 1 min and 8 sec. Theirs no fighter in the heavy weight that can trade punches with him. If any other fighter goes down hes not getting up brock being the exception
  10. Well to be fair brock didnt fight for a year because of his illness. He still pulled out a win. The scary part if hes a work in progress. He gets better and better every fight. The guy is a true champion and i dont understand haters like you.
  11. i got in a accident my front bumper came out little bit. The bumper has scratches and stuff but nothing major. and my hood has a little dent. If i get someone from craigslist to do it. What kind of money should i expect to pay? (dont wanna get ripped off)
  12. what should i do? just play around with the switch?
  13. 1997 acura CL sometimes my brake lights work some times it doesnt. Is it the fuse or electric?
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