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  1. This season, Alabama won more games (2) at AT&T Stadium than the Cowboys did (1).
  2. What's Spanish for Tony Romo? Mark Sanchez
  3. Both have reduced prices on everything that has a Reebok logo on it.
  4. Just saw on twitter that Nike is working on an alternate jersey for the Redskins. I have heard that it is a throwback for the 80th anniversary season.!/HAIL_Magazine/status/187217071254405121
  5. Don't get too excited. It's only a Honda commercial.
  6. Slightly off topic, but has anyone heard if we are changing helmets this year? In the picture below the two small burgundy stripes separating the white and gold at the top of the helmet are gone.
  7. I really like how they incorporated the Washington Monument in the "d" in Wizards and "h" in Washington.
  8. Gucci Mane Gets New Ice Cream Face Tattoo
  10. How is that guy alive, much less able to walk after a crash like that?