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  1. I agree with you. I think Reid (the safety) is trying to go above Doctson to get the ball, but in reality is going through him, preventing him from catching it. That's not even taking into account the other DB who spun Doctson around.
  2. I don't believe, as a defender, you can go through a receiver to get to the ball. As for officiating, it's the human element to sport. It sucks and I wish it'd be a little more fair, but it's part of the game.
  3. BornToHail

    A New Beginning - Embrace The Noodle

    I heard Sanchez was signed today. Hooray turnovers!
  4. BornToHail

    A New Beginning - Embrace The Noodle

    If we're replacing Alex Smith with a QB, it can't be with a guy that's turnover prone. For all of Smith's inability to lead the O, he helped the D by not turning over the ball (101 yard pick 6 yesterday excluded). Sanchez is the definition of turnover prone. Seriously - he's associated with arguably the most famous turnover in recent NFL history...
  5. No one's going to match the '85 Bears - just based off the way rules are biased against defenses, I don't think we'll see such a dominant group again. I like the Skins D and their attitude, but they still have something to prove if they can shut down high flying offenses like that of LAR, KC, NE, etc. All that said, would love it if this prediction came true!
  6. BornToHail

    Redskins vs Falcons Prediction Thread: Working Man Blasting in the Stadium

    I think Matty Ice will hit one for a long bomb and the rest are FGs from dinks and dunks. 20-16 Redskins.
  7. BornToHail

    MODS - Please delete

    It's Green Lot (G)
  8. BornToHail

    Safety Clinton Dix to the skins

    Redskins are definitely Alabama North. Saban should just hand them plane tickets to DC. Roll tide!
  9. BornToHail

    Safety Clinton Dix to the skins

    Sweet! That's just flat out robbery.
  10. BornToHail

    Safety Clinton Dix to the skins

    Build on our strengths - love it! Especially with some high flying offenses, this can only help solidify our secondary.
  11. BornToHail

    What is Wrong with Alex Smith?

    A big ask of a 33 year old who's already dealing with shoulder and knee issues. Plus it doesn't help that Alex Smith tried to get him killed with some awful throws.
  12. Ah - gotcha. My memory is terrible! Thanks for the correction.
  13. I don't follow. I was talking about the last game of the year when the Giants sat their starters and we needed that win and we couldn't get it.
  14. BornToHail

    What is Wrong with Alex Smith?

    True, he's just too damn hesitant in the pocket. Misses wide open receivers (especially Reed) or doesn't trust them. It's frustrating to watch.