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  1. Why would most of you leftists not support a name change? It's YOUR philosophy to make sure "noone is offended". It's hysterical that you guys would go against your morals when it comes to a football team that that you value, now the ES liberal are going against their political policy. R.I.P Redskins, it was a good 25 year run of my fandom. Believe me ol` commissioner will have an agenda behind this meeting, and it's not going to be good for our football team.
  2. I agree with war paint. Some people may be ok with our heritage, history, and our logo ripped from us. If for some reason Danny rolls over and changes our team name or logo, the NFL would never get a dime from me. My football watching will move from Sundays to Friday at a local high school.
  3. Dude if our 80 year old ( and respected name ) EVER changes I'll have 25 years of a REDSKIN collection burned. My 6 month old would never now what he missed!
  4. Now just reading through the last few pages of the thread ( not at all impressed with ES responses ) Why would any fan be for a name change? All of the PC responses are pure BS . If somehow ol`Danny gets convinced by the liberals to change the name of one of the top franchises in the world, he knows whats will come. Most, as well as my self would drop the PC agenda QUICK!!!
  5. No, just saying keep the burgundy pants/white top at home and just use the gold pants and burgundy or white top for away games. Only a few teams wear white jerseys at home and I liked the fact we where one of them. Which is why we wear white tops so often when the burgundy and white top was our home uniform. Not to mention the white on burgundy is just a classy look.:2cents:
  6. All in all I like the uniform. For one I love how the gold pants looks with the gold face-mask, and our helmet in general. I agree that the Collar looks extremely stupid and out of place just make the collar all burgundy like it should also ALL burgundy socks (not striped) would be a big improvement. Though I like the "old school " socks, it's just they complement the "spear" and Lombardy "R" helmet better. But to be honest. I really don't see whats wrong with wearing this every home game.
  7. You are right. That jock tag is actually the same jock tag that comes on the reebok throwbacks. That's still the closest looking Riggans jersey I've seen though.
  8. Our 70th and 75th Anniversary uniforms are so awesome!! They have got to wear those more often.
  9. I like the red sox! It's like you say, different but not too defferent.
  10. Thanks. I've tryed feeling, looking, and all that. I'm about to get a can of carb cleaner and try that... By the way this issue would cause my car to idle at about 2 grand??
  11. Question.... In plain English what's the best way to find a vacuum hose leak? Thanks.
  12. If Vick never got in trouble with dog fighting, I'd still wouldn't want him.... Vick is not a great QB! Vick will never play for the skins! Vick is a good runner, not a good QB! I'm so sick of Vick this, Vick that. The dude was at the bottom 10 of QBs in his first go round in the NFL! So opservations? Ok he was 4 for 4 for 19 yards 2 of the 4 completions where shuffle passes. Couldn't get out the pocket to scramble, didn't have a bad 1st game but not a great game!
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