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  1. Police rescue URI student from 8-inch alleyway: http://www.browndailyherald.com/police-rescue-uri-student-from-8-inch-alleyway-1.2792566#.UKFrF2lUNCO I went to Brown, and this happened on our campus the other day...I'm proud to say the person didn't go to my school, or else I would seriously question the quality of our student body and my education:
  2. I'm 22 years old, and I think I'm being bullied. How idiotic is that? Anyways, happy Friday everyone!
  3. Thanks! Hopefully it's a good fight. I don't really know much about boxing, but I have to do my Filipina duties and watch it anyway.
  4. What time is the fight tonight? Just wondering so I can figure out when to start looking for a feed online.
  5. I'm in Providence, and the Cowboys are at the hotel/restaurant we just had dinner and drinks at...
  6. This is is much better than the first row one, actually. The other one is quite behind.
  7. First row is acting up, but this link just started working for me: http://www.firstrowsports.tv/watch/84100/1/watch-st.-louis-rams-vs-washington-redskins.html
  8. Wow, thanks for all the suggestions! I knew I could count on the Tailgate for some good info. I've got a lot to work with now. It'll actually be kind of fun for me to find these beers and figure out a way to get them shipped to him...
  9. Thanks for the suggestions! Do you have any recommendations for anything else besides Sam Adams? I'd like to send him something he's never tried before. He also likes dark beers in general and he's really not too picky, so anything you think is good will probably suit just fine.
  10. Can any of you help me out with a beer selection? I don't know much about the different kinds of beers, but I'd like to send my boyfriend something nice just because. As a reference point, his favorite is Sam Adams. Any suggestions?
  11. Currently have 1100-1300 words left in a paper due in ~16 hours. Panic mode crunch time has yet to kick in = posting in the Tailgate. Debating whether or not to post in the Show Yourselves thread, could be awkward since it's so old though.
  12. I am writing a paper on the use of baseball and football to promote the American identity and American ideals overseas. It is embarrassing how long it is taking me. Writing on a Sunday after a Redskins win has not helped the progress of this paper...
  13. Margarito's face looks nasty. Is it normal to get injured that much and keep fighting?!
  14. Thanks, StillUnknown. Most of this sport is a mystery to me.
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